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10/24/2011 17:08:43 •••

Fun with a small caveat

Very much in the vein of Calvin And Hobbes, Sandra And Woo is the story of an eleven-year old girl, Sandra, who finds and adopts a semi-tame raccoon, Woo, only to discover it can talk. Since comparisons with a certain boy and his stuffed tiger are unavoidable, we'll make a couple. Woo, unlike Hobbes, can supposedly talk to anyone, but is deliberately hiding this from everyone except Sandra (and possibly her best friend Cloud, it's unclear). The comic delves into Sandra's relationships with Cloud and her other friend Larisa, Woo's relationships with the local wildlife, and how all of these interconnect.

Like Calvin, Sandra is aware of and not hesitant to discuss more adult issues. This is where the minor problem comes in. Whereas Calvin realistically has all kinds of misconceptions about the subjects he frequently discoursed on, Sandra and her friends seem a little too aware of the exact nature of the issues they deal with. Thankfully, their ages do not come up often, so instead of detracting from the effectiveness of the debate, it merely gives the illusion that these characters are older than they are.

Overall, it's a fairly lighthearted yet intelligent webcomic, one well worth checking out. Provided the age issue does not break the reader's Willing Suspension Of Disbelief, much enjoyment will be had.

10/20/2011 00:00:00

I'm going to try it out, since I just wanted to try out some webcomic that wasn't filled to the brim with video game jokes/random humor.

I will say this: Calvin's ideas may be those of a ten-year-old's, but his vocabulary is hilariously above that level. Thanks for the review.

10/24/2011 00:00:00

You're welcome.

Calvin, just so you know, is only six.

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