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10/02/2015 04:34:46 •••

Diamond is Unbreakable (I no longer stand by this review)

I'll be honest. This was a very disappointing arc, and while I do like it a lot, I consider it to be the weakest of the four parts I've seen so far.

Josuke is a pretty good main character. He's a smart-mouthed, devious, and frequently pissed off character who still cares about the people around him. Reminds me a bit of Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho. But something that's weird is that it's a pretty big change from how he acted in the first couple of chapters. He's introduced by calmly and politely respecting a few bullies harassing him (until they insult his hair) and apologizing to Jotaro for all the trouble he caused. I guess you could argue that his personality changed after his grandfather died, but it's a pretty big personality change.

The stands in this series though are quite awesome. There's plenty of unique and creative ones but the majority of them are still interesting and provide plenty of good battles or intense moments. Even the stands not meant for combat provided pretty awesome moments. While Part 3 also had a pretty good cast of stands, there are a lot more stands from Part 3 that I didn't like than there were from Part 4. And Yoshikage Kira, while I didn't like him as much as Dio or Kars, was still a great villain and his goal of wishing to have a quiet life (albeit, while still being a serial killer) is pretty unique for shonen villains, or really most villains I see in general.

But my biggest issue with Part 4 is the plot of it. There's no real Big Bad (Kira's the closet thing to one) and it's even more Monster of the Week based than Part 3 was. This normally wouldn't bug me, but in Stardust Crusaders, they were at least progressing to Dio. Half the time in Part 4, the characters are just going on about their lives while waiting for things to happen. There's not much of an adventure going on, and it makes most of the enemies serve less of a point. Hell, most of them aren't even given a reason to be villains.

And the amount of villains who ally themselves with the heroes (or at least change their ways) is huge. Yeah the other parts had a villain or two do a Heel–Face Turn before, but in Part 4, this happens to at least 12 characters (and that's not even including Antonio who's whole arc built him up as if he was a villain).

I do like this arc. It was funny, intense and had plenty of good moments. But almost every positive thing that this arc did, at least one of the previous arcs have done better. If you plan on reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for the story more than the action, I'd say to give this one a pass.

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