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08/23/2019 08:59:35 •••

Good, if not somewhat Preachy

Let me establish that I'm a cisgender, heterosexual male, so I'm going to try and talk about this as just a webcomic, and nothing else.

Now as a whole, this comic is quite good. Its greatest strength is its characters, and chances are, any reader of any orientation or identity can find a character to relate to in someway. All the characters are memorable, and have their own distinct personalities. Some of them might be a tad cut out at times, but even so, they're still good. The artwork isn't the greatest, but its by no means bad, and it does convey plenty of emotion.

The story is rather basic, its just Rain going about her life as a transgender woman, dealing with the issues as they come. Nothing really spectacular, but its, in many respects, sort of a slice of life story. There are no exaggerated storylines or conflicts, and its fairly grounded in reality. The writing is also good, if not occasionally a tad cliched, but that's a minor note, and isn't really an issue.

Now this may be a personal hang up but, in all honesty, I think the story can be preachy. Almost every chapter, there is a long monologue, you'd almost swear the characters wrote and rehearsed about the issue's the LGBT community faces. Now don't get me wrong, I understand they face too many issues other's don't, but we don't need to be reminded every single chapter. Another personal issue I have with it, is that at times (and I don't think the author is doing this on purpose), the LGBT characters, who make up most of the cast, can seem slightly infallible. Rain only occasionally makes mistakes, and things often to seem to go her way, even issues not related to her being transgender. Gavin, the only main character who is not LGBT, generally gets the short end of the stick, with the story often showing deference to the wishes of other characters. That's not to say it always happens, just more often than not. And while the main characters are good, the side characters are okay at best, they're often Innocent Bigot, but the series treats that the same as regular bigotry.

Now this part isn't a problem so much as an observation, but since this story is released by page, occasionally it will cut off at an awkward scenario, and you can almost hear the Seinfeld music playing.

Alright, but with all that said, this series is good, and I do recommend it.

08/23/2019 00:00:00

While I do agree that the monologues can go on way too long sometimes, I'm pretty forgiving of it since I know who is writing it.

Sometimes when reading a Webcomic or a piece of Fanfiction it is easy to forget that the work has a person behind it with their own life outside of the work. In real life that person has their own likes and dislikes, history, and personal issues to work through and that seeps into their work, sometimes unintentionally.

For Jocelyn, her issues are all about her identity as a woman and how she struggled to become one for years, so of course she is going to feel strongly about it. So those long monologues that plague your review of Rain are there because after years of going through her issues, Jocelyn has many strong opinions on the topic of LGBT.

I completely agree with you about the Seinfeld thing though. I can hear it as well, but that's just because of the medium.

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