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04/23/2015 04:48:46 •••

Arguaby the best martial arts series currently running

The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves is probably the best martial arts manga/manhwa on the market at the moment. It has stunning art with great action scenes that manage to be easy to follow even in the thick of it, a really likable protagonist and enough colorful characters to fill a stadium, almost all of whom evolve as the series goes on.

However, all of that is not at all imminent from the get-go. The Breaker in particular is best considered an extended prologue to the actual story. Shi Woon only starts being a truly inspiring and enjoyable character after several dozen chapters. Then there is the abundance of often pointlessly complicated political machinations involving dozens of clans and organizations (made even more confusing by different translators using different names for them). And finally there is the issue of the downright mustache-twirling villainy of the shadowy bad guys manipulating things from the background for no adequately explained reason other than being the wet-dream of every conspiracy nut.

However these issues all pale in comparison of the great narrative, the actually interesting and suspenseful fights and the slow and steady escalation both in scope, action and characterization. It's not perfect, but it is pretty damn close.

04/23/2015 00:00:00

I gotta say I actually liked that Shiwoon takes it's time to develop, specially when you realize that he isn't the real protagonist. Personally I was tired of all the characters that stop being pathetic/weak (which is used as a defining factors in these series) by the end of the first episode/chapter.

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