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04/18/2015 08:31:26 •••

not everyone's cup of tea

Let me say something, I LOVE this anime, but I have only seen the 2011 anime, I have not read the manga or seen the 1999 anime. In this review I will list pros and cons, before giving my final rating. PROS: Great story Awesome characters (ranging from Gon the sweet kid to killua the assassin to Hisoka the clown pedo. really.) Great power system (Nen, which works using a persons very ideologies and beliefs manifested into something that is in a persons specific type, e.g. enhancing, conjuring, emmiting. Its complicated, but cool) Very intelligent CONS Can be anti-climatic (a certain king of mutants, yes it was really sad, but still) Severe mood whiplash (a montage of all of humanities worst feats, such as war, crime etc, followed by the incredibly upbeat opening, or the saddest moment in the series followed by the Next Episode Preview with its goddam CIRCUS MUSIC) FINAL JUDGEMENT Clocking in at 148 episodes, It isn't that short, but not insanely long, and with no filler (apart from the two recap episodes). However, not everyone likes the slower, psychological storytelling method (used egregiously in the Ant Arc) and the complex power system, but overall, a brilliant Shonen that deconstructs many anime tropes (idiot hero, etc) and has a great plot with deep and interesting characters. 9/10

04/18/2015 00:00:00

Yeah...they really should had changed the music with the theme and atmosphere of the series. It was weird having Gon and Killua going through their respective emotional breakdowns then cheerfully tell you about the next episode.

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