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08/19/2014 21:22:10 •••

One of the best cartoons of the decade

I would definitely put this show in the top 10 list of best cartoons of the current decade.There are some many great things about this show.For one,the entire concept of bending is so great and original in my opinion.Pretty much everyone who's seen this series wants to be some type of bender of an element simply because it's just so cool and awesome.The characters are all great too.Each character has quite a bit of depth to them and you care for them and want them to succeed.The world the series takes place in is incredible to behold,the animators and artists truly deserve all the praise they get for the beautiful world they have constructed.The story is interesting,keeps you wondering how exactly it's all gonna end.I could go on and on as to why I greatly adore this show,but I'll spare you that.But I honestly believe this series deserves to be in a top 10 list of the best cartoons of the decade,not number one,but at least at number 8,7,or 5.Truly is great in ever sense of the word.If you haven't seen this series yet or would like to check it out,please do,you won't regret it.

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