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06/11/2014 13:37:38 •••

They Just Don't Care

What can you say when Marvel comes up with a plot and barrels forward with it even when the basic premise is false. Not even in the "this obscure comic from the '70s says this..." but in the sense where a major character starring in a title being published currently renders the entire crossover ridiculously false on its most basic level. Avengers vs X-Men meet Rachel Grey. I have to hand it to the writer of "Wolverine and the X-Men" as he attempted to make sense of a plot that only works if you don't know that there was a Phoenix host active on Earth for decades, before eventually throwing his hands up in the air and surrendering to the stupidity.

Of course that is just the rotten core of the series. Sprinkled on top is the transformation of the Avengers from heroes into out and out super villains. Captain America mobilized an army, invaded a sovereign nation in an effort to use extraordinary rendition on one of its citizens (and was associated with an assassination attempt on that citizen), when he failed in his abduction ploy he engaged in an act of military aggression which resulted in the near total imprisonment in concentration camps of the world's smallest and most vulnerable minority population, and violated their individual autonomy in order to remove their powers. The Avengers have zero moral authority, and everything the X-Men did (from Magik's hell-prisons to Namor's invasion of Wakanda) was justified by the Avengers unprovoked aggression (not to mention war crimes). Thank you Avengers vs X-Men for taking my beloved Captain America and making him a fascist (and that's not hyperbole).

Avengers vs X-Men's main crime is the same as Civil War's, it is unconsidered. The writing team didn't consider the history of their characters. They didn't consider the actions of their characters. They didn't consider the Marvel universe. It's sloppy, and resulted in another terrible event.

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