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Reviews VideoGame / Sonic Lost World

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11/05/2013 02:16:37 •••

Fun Game and Beautiful Music

Just bought it Today and having a lot of fun playing it. All frustrations of gameplay are from me being unfamiliar with it with more time and practice I'll play it much better.

The music is beautiful. 15 minutes in and all ready Windy valley is now my favorite track from this game. Despite mixed reviews this game is another win in my book and I recommended it to people who have a 3ds or Wii.

If you plan on getting a 3ds or Wii for birthday or Christmas get this game to go with it you won't be disappointed.

11/05/2013 00:00:00

Uh,are you sure 15 minutes is enough time to accurately review a game?

Maybe update it when you've finised or something?

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