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04/24/2014 06:23:33 •••

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2

Venturo Aureo: A very divided opinion on this one. Story-wise, it goes all over the place, going from the rather bland son of Dio wanting to become a mafia boss to protecting the boss' daughter from the crazed boss himself, the rather pointless inclusion of a third group when it either wasn't needed as it cost screentime for the big bad and his minions or was not executed well, the sudden deaths of main characters that seem pointless and forced when the series is usually good at portraying tragic deaths and the ending that was anti-climatic and dragged out. That being said, the fights with the Stands have taken a whole new level, being extremely action packed and paced when before it was only cunning that made the fights interesting. What stands out is the stand that involves the user's death to activate and the twisted former doctor Cioccolatta.

Stone Ocean: Easily the third best in the series, the protagonist's journey from disorganized teen to badass when her father (the badass Jotaro) is knocked out is very moving. The Big Bad is easily the best that the show has produced so far, his tragedy, his overpowered-ness and his resourcefulness made him a truly threatening enemy. The fights escalate as usual, being even more insane than before. The tragedy comes back at full force, making the deaths of the heroes as well as their own tragedies stand out more. The fact that is empowers the fact that girls can fight and not be there for support, works for this arc's advantage.

Steel Ball Run: 2nd best in the series, it captures the journey aspect of SC, well having the humor and crazy awesomeness of BT, building up a beautiful friendship that only gets stronger as the characters develop as people and their bonds strengthen, making the eventual deaths all the more tragic. Its only flaw is while the Big Bad is the most sympathetic so far, he's the 2nd least interesting villain in the series, which is made up for when he brings a Dio with the World's powers which leads to an epic brawl.

As of Jojolion, its not complete yet, so my opinion can't be made as of yet.

10/23/2013 00:00:00

I felt they could have done a lot more with part five's "the hero is the son of the series' biggest villain" angle. I also wanted Trish to fight more, Bruno to fight less, and I hate the ending for creating one of the most overpowered characters in all of fiction, plaguing character battle forums to this day.

10/24/2013 00:00:00

I disagree with the statement on Valentine. Valentine for president!

10/24/2013 00:00:00

I felt the exact opposite about SBR's villain, really. SBR is my favorite part, and its big bad is tied for my favorite with part 4's, but the ending with The World!Diego felt like blatant pandering, and is easily my least favorite part about SBR. It doesn't help that it really only felt like he was there to bring in a last-minute conflict for the very end, and that he actually wins the race, essentially invalidating the climax to Johnny's character arc.

04/24/2014 00:00:00

I was fine with the final boss being The World!Diego. I didn't like how Johnny lost to him in the end. It just...Didn't feel right. I understand how anyone would feel hopelessness in that situation, but...This is Jo Jo! Where characters are constantly beaten up and battered, only to stand up, stand proud, and stand even stronger!

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