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05/31/2013 15:42:10 •••

An interesting take on the characters

Sayaka getting a good ending is always something good to see. The doujin still focuses on Sayaka's inability to confess her feelings to Kyousuke, which is very well on spot. Besides, Kyousuke is still oblivious to everything.

But one thing that called my attention was how it treated Hitomi's character. Oscar Wilde said that A good friend will always stab you in the front. And Hitomi had it right in the show when she told Sayaka that she was going to make a move on Kyousuke, it showed that she was willing to value more her friendship with Sayaka than her own love life. At least in the anime, she's nowhere the bitch that some parts of the fandom make her to be, on the contrary, it shows how much of a Foil she is to Sayaka, she's more mature (perhaps that's one reason why Kyuubey doesn't approach her). And thus the author ran away with this interpretation and made the doujin.

Basically, Hitomi talks to Kyousuke and confesses to him. But she also tells him that the love that Sayaka feels for him is greater than her own. Sayaka is overhearing everything but, again, she can't talk anything. But then help comes from a very unexpected source but when you stop to think about it makes sense.

Resuming, you should read this doujin. The happy ending for Sayaka is not gratuitous, on the contrary, it weren't for the source, she would have screwed up. But it makes it to be something believable if things had went this way.

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