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Dec 21st 2016 at 2:54:54 PM •••

This strip has a character who not only references several tropes in the same speech bubble, but then promises to update this very wiki.

Would that be filed under Shout-out, or is there a specific category for references to here?

Edited by mittfh
Oct 22nd 2016 at 1:02:20 AM •••

All the webcomicsnation links now go to a domain squatter. I derped disabling them so I put them back. I don't want to just hack them out as it will leave a lot of examples pretty badly mangled, but don't have time or patience to fix it as it should be. Anyone want to take a swat at it?

Jan 16th 2016 at 11:25:02 AM •••

So, possible Brick Joke here, but early in the Borrowers story arc, Tip mentions Unity having an early trauma thing with Smurfs. . Later, Unity references the various things Anasigma and Dr. Lee did when creating her, including showing her the "Purple Smurf" episode. . I'd rather not recap the whole thing, so just view the links, but I'm putting this on the table. If there are no objections, I will add the trope.

Jul 3rd 2015 at 2:49:55 PM •••

I've changed the link on the page to a mirror, as the main site for the comic seems to be having serious technical difficulties.

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Jul 3rd 2015 at 8:14:56 PM •••

It was working this morning.

Check it again tomorrow.

May 5th 2014 at 4:00:10 AM •••

I pulled this

  • Hey Its That Guy: Artie makes an appearance, which also solidifies the fact that Narbonic and Skin Horse happen in a shared universe. Since then, Sergio from Li'l Mell has become a recurring character.
because it's a trope about actors, and webcomics don't have any.

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