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Jun 8th 2020 at 8:30:44 PM •••

Sweetie feels unloved, and the Princess is in denial about Sweetie's crimes.

Ever notice how in both Quest for the Crown and Pups save Luke Stars the princess introduces Sweetie as an afterthought, or how in Quest for the Crown how she is fawning over Chase as her favorite pup, right in front of her. Admittedly, It is Bratty of Sweetie to Demand to have the princess' exclusive attention, or she doesn't understand she is saying that in regards to the PAW patrol pups, but the fact she is oblivious to the fact that this bothers HER dog, does not speak well of how well those two actually know each other, which in turn speaks poorly of their relationship with each other. Dogs in general need a lot of attention, so it makes sense for Sweetie to be upset about lack of attention, and being spoiled rotten makes things worse by giving her a sense of entitlement. Another example is in Pups Save the Princess' pals, when the Princess is taking Sweetie to feed the animals with her, she of completely oblivious to Sweetie being Bored out of her mind. The fact she is oblivious to this shows how little attention she is paying to HER dog. Again, dogs in general need a lot of attention, and it does not seem Sweetie's needs in this department are being met, so is it any wonder how little respect she has for her owner? This frustration, combined with her sense of entitlement accounts for why she is so mean. On the Princess' side of things it is a wonder that at least after royally spooked, she is still so trusting of her. The only reasons I can see for this are either that the princess never learns, or she is refusing to admit this is what her "precious Poochie" is actually like. Further supporting this idea of denial is sweetie's punishment. The only consequence Sweetie ever receives for her actions is being fenced up in her dog house. The fact Sweetie keeps attempting these coups shows that doing this is completely ineffective. The princess can't bring herself to do anything more severe than the puppy equivalent of sending her to her to her room. The irony is that if she did punish her more strictly it would show a concern for sweetie's well being (steering her towards being good). However, the fact she keeps using this punishment shows a denial of the fact it doesn't work. I know a lot of the princess' obliviousness can be excused on grounds of her age, but in that case I would blame the earl for either not noticing this and/or not bringing this to her attention. What Sweetie and the princess need more than anything else is a heart to heart talk about all of this. Sweetie might also benefit from a week with Ryder. Yes I am aware I am majorly overanalyzing all this.

Jan 27th 2020 at 7:18:38 PM •••

[[All the villains in paw patrol will team up]] Most likley in the upcomming movie

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