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Mar 20th 2018 at 6:04:31 PM •••

I removed the Archers section because the teasers have made explicit about the size of the roster and their class. If there's somewhere that we can realize we're getting another Archer slot, or we confirm there will be a DLC with an Archer slot, then the guessing can continue. Otherwise, aside of Robin and Arjuna, everyone else has been jossed.

That's my reasoning on removing the list on Archers. Let's hear about your opinion on why we should keep this.

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Mar 20th 2018 at 10:39:02 PM •••

You're right. I'm sorry for being a stubborn idiot and almost starting another edit war.

Ignore that, you deserve an actual explanation. The reason I think they other suggestions for the Servants shouldn't be taken down despite being jossed is because I just think it'd be bad form. People would assume that no other guesses were made and that other characters were not considered. The thing about Ruler is that I honestly think it's going to be a new character, but I still wanted to include it on the list because I didn't want to leave it out (And as you can tell by the size of that section, there's not many Ruler servants in the franchise to suggest). In the case where the Ruler is a new character, I am going to put down "All are jossed, the Ruler is X'', and I want to list the other Servants as Confirmed while the rest who didn't make it still get acknowledged. So with all due respect, I want the lists to please stay up, thank you.

Edited by WolfThunder
Apr 4th 2018 at 8:01:21 PM •••

Good job on the explanation. Accepted and we'll let it stay up.

Edited by ChrisX
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