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Oct 22nd 2013 at 1:11:15 PM •••

Wondering if the Broken Aesop entry is really accurate/fair? The moral of the story doesn't seem so much "memories, even the bad ones, are necessary" so much as "running away from the past is an extremely bad idea," especially considering that most of the important characters don't erase their bad memories but do bad things because of them. The idea of people using Sensen to outright escape their bad memories is largely relegated to the population at large in the backstory.

The important characters are unsympathetic because they've, for the most part, consciously chosen to use technology to self-medicate: Scylla turns into a rotton person and launches into a war against the very concept of personal tragedy for her own material benefit, while Charles hordes memories of his daughter.

Jun 22nd 2013 at 7:44:06 AM •••

The purple prose entry mentions "the dialogue presumably sounded a lot less silly in French". As a French guy, I seriously doubt it sounds "worse" in English. Some parts (especially the monologues at the beginning of each chapter) seem taken from a poetry book, they don't feel natural at all. As a new troper, I don't know what would be suited to correct the entry. Delete the sentence ? Add the above remark ?

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