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Mar 28th 2021 at 2:13:20 AM •••

Thanks for the warning. I was just about to go search for Mega Man Legacy Collection for the Switch, but since the first four games all have multiple That One Boss (even if 5 and 6 don't) I might give it a miss.

Apr 23rd 2018 at 10:32:09 AM •••

Does Flameman.exe from Battle Network 3 really qualify for this trope? If you steal his front column with Area Grab or a similar chip and simply stay there for the rest of the fight, the flames summoned by his orange candle can't hit Megaman anymore and Flameman's own attacks can't hit Megaman there unless he stands directly in front of Flameman.

Dec 4th 2014 at 3:26:01 PM •••

The header of the page reads:

  • Please keep in mind that if there's an easy method to take out a boss, they're not this trope.
  • your example shouldn't read, "Unless you do..." or "But if you have..." If there is a trick to defeating the boss, it's probably not an example in the first place.


  • (MM 1) Elec Man is hard but if you have the Rolling Cutter, he is defeated in four hits.
  • (MM 1) Ice Man is hard unless you do realize how to time your jumping and if you have Elec Man's Thunder Beam
  • (MM 2) Crash Man is hard unless you do shoot once to make him jump, then shoot and hit while he's falling down.
  • (MM 3) The Yellow Devil's technique "bounce across the room in pieces" is easy to dodge: just walk straight under it.
  • (MM 6) Flame Man is hard unless you do notice the pattern of his flame blast.
  • (MM 6) Power Piston is hard unless you do stick against the left wall, where all its falling rocks will miss and most of your Silver Tomahawks will hit.
  • (MM 7) Burst Man is hard unless you do dodge his Danger Wraps and tap the shooting button against his bubble wall; that said, he is actually rather easy.
  • (M Mw 5) Dark Moon is easier than the Yellow Devils from MM 1 and MM 3.
  • (MMX 1) Storm Eagle is an easy battle; you can always jump and hit him with a charged shot, but if you have the Chameleon Sting, he is a pushover.
  • (MMX 1) Boomer Kuwanger is hard, but if you have the Homing Torpedoes, he is a pushover.
  • (MMX 3) Neon Tiger might be hard, but if you have the Spinning Blade, he is locked in a simple loop.
  • (MMX 3) Bit is hard unless you do understand his attack pattern and you have Blizzard Buffalo's Frost Shield, the weapon he is weak against.
  • (MMX:SE) Volt Catfish might be difficult, but if you have the weapon he is weak against, he becomes a pushover.
  • (MMX 5) Duff Mc Whalen / Tidal Whale might be hard, but if you have Crescent Grizzly's special weapon, he is a pushover.

Further note: in MMZ 4, you can definitely revisit stages, only one or two are an exception (and one of these is the first stage where Kraft is fought).

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Sep 28th 2013 at 3:51:27 AM •••

One of the example reads "but if you have Flash Stopper" and the first example in Mega Man 10 involving troper talking about themselves.

Feb 19th 2013 at 12:56:57 AM •••

Why does this page in my watchlist show up as "That One Boss: Megaman" instead of "That One Boss: Mega Man"? It's bugging me.

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