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"You are supposed not to know more than of my life, remember that!"
"It is part of my evergoing plan to rustle your jimmies, remember that again."
porkyThegrumpiest explaining why he has such things.
"I think I might have lost faith in you..."

Describe porkyThegrumpiest here.

Wait, what is he doing here?

porkyThegrumpiest, also known as devlin_76, is a 18 years old introverted Hikkikomori, disgruntled hedgetrimmer, advocator of Wikipedia-style writing, opposer of first-person writing, Word Cruft regulation-type editor, worker at TIFRURJALM, freedom fighter (of this site), and is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.

An ex-lurker who decided to become a contributor in 2013. He appears to have disdains for something that will not be discussed on here, this is because he saw it as something he calls "big brother-esque rule", as he put it. He is also somewhat critical when it comes to Word Cruft, and seek to rewrite many articles "for the better of TV Tropes". He does not appreciate misuse of Nightmare Fuel, and this is because he thinks he is not "thin-skinned" like the others, though he is not unlike them.


He is a fan of Kamen Rider (particularly Den-O, mainly due to its light-hearted nature), PAYDAY 2 (Fo'sho!), Touhou (started out from music from Super Mario World ROM hack and fanart he finds on Image Booru), and later The iDOLM@STER, and among other things. He also appears to be something of a Cloudcuckoolander, if not for his schizophrenia and his weird (and often depraved) antics. Despite this, he is capable of holding an online conversation, as long as he didn't lose his mind long enough.

Online, he appears to be friendly, although he is not about calling people out for their bullshit, and can be somewhat vocal when it comes to expressing opinions. He can be a bit moody and a bit unstable (and possibly anticlimatic) in real-life, though.

He really, really regrets the past version of this page. This may have something to do with his unusual (and strange) obsession with sad/happy anime girls in tears, something which he can get very defensive about... only to be exploited, unintentionally.


Fun fact: His TV Tropes handle is a reference to the trolls' online handle, at the time when he was a fan of Homestuck. He now prefers to be called by other names.

Feel free to write something on his Troper Wall.

Currently, this page is still work-in-progress. Expect more content to be added soon... or not.

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