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Mar 4th 2016 at 1:48:15 PM •••

The page claims that the Famicom version of The Lost Levels doesn't save how many times you've beaten the game, so you have to beat the game eight times in one sitting to reach worlds A through D. This is flat-out wrong; the game saves just fine. Perhaps it won't in an emulator under certain conditions (e.g. running the game from a zip file in FCEUX, if I recall correctly), but the original game did it just fine.

Jan 12th 2015 at 7:12:47 AM •••

Just putting some bits I removed here for future reference until I find more proof that they are reviled:

Mario Party

  • The cheating AI in general. It gets worse as the series progresses to boot.

Luigi's Mansion

  • The Boo Ball is, without a doubt, the most useless item in the game. It doesn't help you or hurt you. It's just there.

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