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Jul 31st 2016 at 6:48:42 PM •••

This was removed for being "open-to-interpretation":

  • Series Continuity Error: Quibble claims "Ring of Destiny" was the last good book in the Daring Do series, implying this was the last of the original trilogy, but that was the title of the new book at the end of "Daring Don't", and Twilight and Rainbow rattled off the titles of several previous books in the series after they learned the truth about Daring in that episode. Oops. To be specific, Quibble says that absolutely nothing in the books after "Ring of Destiny" is realistic, so he may have meant that the post-"Ring of Destiny" books are even worse than the already bad post-original trilogy books.

What other way is there to interpret it? Should it be added back unless an alternate interpretation is presented?

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Jul 31st 2016 at 7:06:47 PM •••

The original entry was mine; someone else added the part after the "oops", which is an alternate interpretation (that Quibble was not saying Ring of Destiny was the third book in the trilogy). I can easily imagine another scenario where Ring of Destiny is the last book in the original trilogy, yet wasn't written until after "Daring Don't": the other Daring Do books were written as a separate continuity. In other words, this is better suited to the Headscratchers page.

tl;dr: My bad for even adding the original entry.

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