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Steve Dillon (22 March 1962 – 22 October 2016) was a British comic book artist hailing from Luton, Bedfordshire. With a wide and varied body of work that spans decades. Depending on what side of the Atlantic you grew up on, you may know him best for his collaborative works with writer and long time partner in crime/best friend, Garth Ennis. Or for his many, many contributions to British anthology comics series, 2000 AD.

He worked on:

And Created:

  • Daken Co-created with Daniel Way.
  • Preacher Co-created with his partner in crime Garth Ennis, no less.

Tropes associated with his work:

  • Only Six Faces: A big problem for him. He drew faces very distinctively and very uniformly. Sadly this wasn't always the case, as the man was an excellent draftsman, but even he admitted to oversimplifying things in his work. This resulted in the "everyone is Frank" meme - because Dillon's work on The Punisher was so famous, Frank Castle's scowly mug is most noticeable when Dillon makes use of it or tries to modify it, including women, especially when they get mad and turn into skinny Frank Castles in wigs.
    • Parody Assistance: One of the reasons the face became so prevalent in his work was because Dillon himself was aware of the meme and was actively trying to give it more material.

"The last time I saw Steve was late last Saturday night in New York, walking down fifth avenue to his hotel after saying goodnight outside Foley's. It could have been the end of any one of a thousand nights. It’s not a bad last memory to have. Steve was best man at my wedding and my good and dear friend. I think he probably taught me more about what that word means than anyone else."