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May 26th 2016 at 12:44:09 AM •••

Is there anything else that has a symbol similar to the Heartbleed icon? I'm not sure about my entry under the Shout-Out section. For that matter, I'm not sure it even belongs under Shout Outs.

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May 26th 2016 at 6:07:48 AM •••

I don't know what this this icon would look like, although it do fall in Shout-Out if it's definitely a willful reference.

One thing I would suggest in case of doubt is to find pictures of this pony on Image Boards like Derpibooru, and look at the comments. If other commenters recognize the reference on the spot, then it's probably genuine.

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May 26th 2016 at 6:26:37 PM •••

Apparently the cutie mark is based on a design from Betsey Johnson's booth at the 2012 WWD Magic show and is only coincidentally similar to the Heartbleed icon. Ah well.

May 23rd 2016 at 4:18:04 PM •••

I've tried searching, but I can't find a trope that covers the foodie stallion that goes nuts over a blue corn reduction with shallot confit. Are foodies still Not A Trope?

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May 24th 2016 at 12:41:01 AM •••

The closest I can think of would be Impossibly Delicious Food, although it might a bit too much for the current example.

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