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Feb 2nd 2014 at 9:00:43 PM •••

Removed this example from video games:

  • The Gun Blade in Final Fantasy VIII has a vibration function activated by the revolver barrel attached to the hilt, which the player could use with a well timed button press. Activating the vibration function only at the moment of contact (thus preventing fatigue from holding the vibrating weapon) provides a semi-plausible explanation for the otherwise purely Rule of Cool fueled design of the gunblades.

The gunblade was just a rifle with a sword blade attached; or Joker's pistol with a blade attached in Seifer's case. The only vibration was in the controller, and the well-timed button press was just pulling the trigger. The entire idea was that you did sword damage and could do extra damage by firing off a round at the right moment. The vibration of the controller was just feedback from the firearms part recoiling. The explanation for the Rule of Cool nature of the gunblade designs is just Rule of Cool. It's Final Fantasy.

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Apr 26th 2014 at 1:32:19 AM •••

FFVIII fans who maintain the wiki disagree. It seems it devolves into what you said (i.e., oversized bayonets) in latter games, but in the original one it is a vibro-weapon.

Oct 8th 2010 at 1:15:46 PM •••

In Real Life most people using a chainsaw experience muscle fatigue within a few minutes.

Speaking as someone who did landscaping for a few years, that's because a chainsaw is big, heavy and poorly balanced. you'll experience muscle fatigue if you swing it around while it's turned off, too. On the other claw, you can run a weedwhacker for hours, even though it's vibrating enough to make your hands tingle. There's Applied Phlebotinum to avoid that tingly side effect, though; we call it "gloves".

Your Obedient Serpent

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Oct 27th 2010 at 4:37:11 AM •••

Well, they can't all be the "Jade Destiny" ... Still, a fine example via youtube - the film "the Seven Swords", stalwart peasants loaned seven distinctly unique swords of Power - (two of which they must learn to wield, the others come with heroes included) - one in particular having Vibroblade acoustic-lensing properties — Of note, it's haft guard, and tang, sculpted as a hollow globe of symmettric dragons caging a space, that when powered-up and resonating, would fill with a pearl of blur - an acoustic-phaser or tuning-fork ... very nicely done —- the other six are all excellent concepts for the "Wu Li", or physics / grace - of swords as kung-fu teachers ...

WHOOPS - this link expired - hmmm, might try plugging this into the 'Wayback Machine" web-archives, sorry:

You Tube - Seven Swords Pt 1 of 15 [Cantonese-Eng Sub] ... hafta look that up afresh, eh?

— I'm sure the Flick has a page here, or will, yet . . . guess i oughta go see... . . . ahhh, might be up to me to re-watch it, then - a raw page awaits, so titled:

ahhh - managed to snag a copy via isohunt torrents - The Dragon Sword they dub it, btw... (2010 find)

- Uncle Sumer -

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