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Madrugada MOD
Nov 3rd 2015 at 10:57:12 AM •••

I removed this:

* Exile III had the Pacifist disadvantage. While it was technically possible to give this to a magic user and still have a semi-viable party member, in a game that is basically a series of Dungeon Crawls, a pacifist is of limited utility.
  • Actually being a Pacifist made you able to take other nice benefits and retain a reasonable XP progression. This was the result of trade-offs: you advance slower or faster depending on your mix of edges and flaws. And it was certainly possible to keep one spellcaster busy doing nothing but healing and buffing, especially since buffs in Exile stack.

from the main page, as Justifying Edit and Conversation In The Main Page. If te subpoint is accurate then it's not an example. Please sort it out here; I can't make the corection myself because I don't play the game.

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