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Mar 15th 2013 at 11:46:16 PM •••

For the people who actually do this for the reason of their religion labeling it an "Unpardonable Sin" I have to ask, do they think God is Stupid? They basically think not doing directly can get them out, when God judged our thought as well as our actions?

At any rate though, I disagree with the doctrine of Suicide being unforgivable. All Sins are equally forgivable. The first logic behind it is a timing thing (When when they be able to ask forgiveness?) by timing is irrelevant to my view of Salvation, when you accept Yeshua as your savior your forgiven for all your Sins, past and Future. But plenty of fiction ignore that original logic behind it, and suggests that someone who Commits suicide but is somehow revived is still screwed.

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Aug 30th 2013 at 11:37:39 AM •••

Dude, I'm Catholic myself, but let's keep religious debate out of the discussion for fear of starting a Flame War.

Mar 15th 2011 at 9:41:52 AM •••

Forgot one.. What about in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar... Caius Cassius dies like this, getting his slave to kill him. I don't know about Brutus' death, but it might almost qualify.

Jan 11th 2011 at 3:03:16 PM •••

Hey, for the page image, how about we use a picture of Johan from Monster pointing a finger at his forehead to entice someone to shoot him?

May 31st 2010 at 3:04:06 PM •••

Could the current Gaza flotilla incident where they were fired on by Israeli forces be an instance of Suicide by C Op in real life?

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