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Nov 12th 2019 at 7:28:59 AM •••

A lot of examples here were just elves being wrong about something. This trope isn\'t Elves Are Imperfect; it\'s about someone specifically calling them out for being stuck-up, arrogant douchebags (i.e., Can\'t Argue With Elves).

Added a clarification to the trope description, restating it and underlining that \"in this tabletop game, elves aren\'t arrogant!\" or \"the game designers didn\'t make elves perfect!\" are NOT examples.

May 30th 2014 at 9:05:59 AM •••

Regarding the Asari in Mass effect, and the spoiler That they were severly helped by the Protheans in their evolution, up to the point of being subject of genetic experiments to make them natural biotics, and all their technology being given to them by the Protheans...

Is it a case of a subversion, or something else to consider, the fact that Javik also says that they specifically chose the Asari because their virtues of Patience and Wisdom being "evident" to their eyes? I mean, there is also evidence that the Protheans had also looked at Humans and other races, but they still chose the Asari

Alternatively, it may have also been Javik might just be a huge jerk trying to get rid of her?

Sep 8th 2012 at 7:36:51 AM •••

i would like to remove the berserk example,this trope is about magical creatures being arrogant jerks and getting their payback,puck was merely trying to act as guts`s conscience.

Edited by SaintDeltora
Jul 17th 2010 at 7:13:53 PM •••

Putting this here:

  • Humans also get a similar option. When in the Dalish camp (the Dalish being elves that refuse to be subjugated and amount to a Fantasy Counterpart Culture to Roma) you can talk to a Dalish storyteller who goes on and on about how "evil" mankind is for invading their homeland, with significant bias. While some dialogue options let you play nice, other tell him to stop playing the victim and get off his high horse.
  • The second time the elven homeland was destroyed, however, this trope is played dead straight. After the slaves of the Tevinter Imperium fought for their freedom during Andraste's march, the elves were granted the Dales as a new homeland by her allies. The elves then closed their borders and refused to let humans inside their lands. After nearly two hundred years of this, the second Blight starts and the surface is invaded by darkspawn. The elves then piss everyone off further by having their armies stand by and do absolutely nothing while their neighbors are nearly destroyed by the darkspawn. After almost one hundred years of war, the humans finally manage to end the Blight, and start to rebuild, the elves decide that would be a good time to conquer their neighbors and they invade Orlais. The humans then call for a Holy War against the elves and completely crush them. And even though that was all their fault, they still have the gall to whine endlessly about losing the Dales.

How exactly are these not examples? The reason given for them being cut is that they're "irrelevant", so could someone please explain why?

  • Because the humans are just as bad if not worse. The humans did the same as the elves of old and worse, and created the entire darkspawn mess to begin with. Either give weight to both sides or just cut the discussion and backstory. I prefer the latter approach - Screw You, Elves! is part of the game's backstory, and is stated as such.

Edited by FadingEcho
May 17th 2010 at 4:10:42 PM •••

Dausuul: Removed the following from the Avatar entry:

  • The Na'vi never called themselves superior or even self-righteous even though it was their land and people where trying to steal it from them for selfish gain. We also have a very limited view of the human race in the movie since we only see humans as a bunch of savages trying to run a group of people out of their home. Even the main character called the humans on the Na'vi's planet rejects from society. One could say this echoes history all too well, especially if you look at the relationship between the Native Americans and the the people from the New World. Obviously, same fans did not get message.
(I was going to put in a sharp retort, but it's probably better that I don't. Regardless, this is Natter.)

Edited by Dausuul Hide/Show Replies
Aug 31st 2010 at 6:25:34 PM •••

I agree completely. This is clearly a case of You Fail History Forever anyway. Natives traded a lot with europeans which was in some cases mutually beneficial, douchebaggery was committed by both sides (more by europeans, but still), and the main (though by no means sole) factor in their decline was the mostly unintentional transmission of alien diseases.

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