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Sep 6th 2012 at 6:28:42 PM •••

cockerel meme is actually EXTREMELY popular in russian internet community right now. Its actually quite common to quote your debate opponent on forums as "kokoko" (bugawk-bugawk-bugawk), hinting that this person is plain gay. Example: User1: I love Justin Bieber! He has greatly personality! You guys just dont understand!! User2: [Quote=User1]Bugawk! Bugak-bu-buga-bugawk![/qute]Sorry, but I cant understand that weird language of yours.

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Dec 10th 2010 at 5:34:58 PM •••

I don't suppose we can count on a translation of the foot note.

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Dec 14th 2010 at 1:39:26 PM •••

It roughly means:

Waldorf: Hey Statler, why are we speaking badly-translated Russian? Statler: I guess someone used Babelfish for a poor sense of humor! Waldorf: So I guess we do not even want to Soviet Russia. Statler: Why is that? Waldorf: In Soviet Russia, tropers make idiots of themselves! Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

(Yay Google Translate! Yay my ability to somewhat decipher gibberish Google Translate spits out!)

May 24th 2011 at 5:01:43 PM •••

Some kind troper has put hotlinks at the bottom now, which I probably should have done from the getgo, as the specifics are Lost in Translation. Comedic genius that I am, from memory I originally wrote:

W: Hey Statler, why are we speaking badly-translated Russian? S: I guess someone used Babelfish in a poor attempt at humour! W: So I guess we're not even needed in Soviet Russia? S: Why's that? W: In Soviet Russia tropers makes fools of themselves! S & W: Do-ho-ho-ho-ho Tropers: [Uproarious laughter at genius of the joke]

I then whacked the thing in Babelfish and viola! ...I really had nothing else to do, evidently.

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