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Aug 6th 2015 at 6:39:25 PM •••

I have a few suggestions for additional classes.

The Face specializes in social skills. D&D equivalent would be a bard or social rogue.

The Hacker gathers information and disables/diverts security or disrupts communications between enemies. Closest fantasy equivalent would be a mage specializing in divination.

Weird: A class that employs Psychic Powers or other "not magic" abilities native to the setting. Their abilities are often modular and enable a single class to potentially fill a variety of roles.

As an example of what I mean by "Weirds" being able to fill many roles, Psions in Traveller can train in any of five psionic skills. Telepathy is useful for a Face or a Sniper (Psionic Assault, very long range), Clairvoyance is useful for intel or lining up a shot, Telekinesis is largely a Sapper power but can have other uses, Awareness makes a Soldier tougher and stronger, and a Sniper could use Teleportation to "sneak" around.

Jul 20th 2014 at 8:19:58 PM •••

I was thinking of making another trope page that involves a Soldier-style and Medic-style class that does not use (or is extremely ineffective at) projectile-based attacks. No plasma blasters, no explosives, not even guns in the most extreme cases. The only way that this enemy can damage enemies at a distance is using what they are being beaten with against them. Very much like the pyro from Team Fortress 2 when using his airblast. The class's main strategy is defense, counter-aggression, and crowd control. Even if they cannot use projectiles they would be able to clear large groups with Ao E effects that only explode, telsa or whatever in an area around themselves. And flamethrowers don't hurt either. The thing is with this class is that dealing damage and taking damage, supporting allies in either the protective format or the subversive, it is not a controlled or absolute priority, but instead it is about close combat and subduing enemies with their own actions. This class is not like the Sapper or the Sniper, and does not match up with any fantasy character classes. Like a riot cop crossed with a brawling criminal, this class, while simple mechanically, can be extremely confusing in story. But it has be done, so I think it deserves special mention. A low-range-priority class in something like a FPS is something that can be an interesting concept to research.

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