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Mar 28th 2015 at 6:07:11 PM •••

Pulled these:

Fan Fiction

  • The Discworld fic Slipping Between Worlds exploits the ideas expressed in The Light Fantastic and The Science of Discworld that the Discworld and Earth are intimately connected, share many things in common ,and ideas, emotions and people may at times pass between them.

  • The "Roundworld" created accidentally by the Wizards in The Science of Discworld is to all effects and purposes a Counter-Earth -or perhaps a Counter-Disc, except for the fact it simultaneously occupies a position in a separate self-contained universe, or it is to be found on top of Rincewind's wardrobe, or it is an unguessable distance away in the infinite universe. It is possible that all three are true at once.

Neither of these involves the other world orbiting on the other side of the Sun, because the Discworld doesn't orbit a sun.

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