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Mar 21st 2016 at 9:25:51 AM •••

Pulled this from the In Spite of a Nail section:

, and the Fifth Doctor's actor (also the youngest actor to play the Doctor at that time) winds up leaving the role having grown to hate it.

I can't find any evidence that either Fifth Doctor hated the role. The entry on Doctor Who being cancelled says that Griffiths hated the companion "Billy" and behind-the-scenes vindictiveness the character represented, but nothing about the role itself. Davison has been very outspoken about how much of a Troubled Production the show was in his day, but as far as I can tell, always from the perspective that it was a great concept the people making it just didn't get - he didn't hate playing the Doctor, he hated that many of the writers didn't seem to understand Doctor Who or science fiction in general. (And his stated reason for leaving was advice from Pat Troughton, who certainly didn't hate the role, since he kept returning to it.)

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