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Sep 7th 2012 at 12:19:01 PM •••

Do we have any good tropes to describe how incredibly sexist this series is? Most of the good old tropes don't really apply since the hate is directed towards men and I'm having trouble finding the appropriate tropes to reference. In this trilogy: 1.) Men literally only care about sex and violence. Even the "good" ones - they just pick more appropriate targets. 2.) It outright says that the reason women can't usually become Magisters is because they aren't evil enough to do it. With one exception (so rare that it's the point of the series), women are simply less capable of evil than men. Kamala is the only exception, and the only reason she can be so evil is because of how men have treated her. 3.) Any random guy you meet will have no problem whatsoever with raping a woman. 4.) The life of every woman is a living hell because of men. From Kamala, the street-urchan and prostitute up to Gwynofar the queen of the High Kingdom, men will make your life a living hell. Meanwhile, no man ever had any real problems. 5.) Men can be completely controlled by sex - flashing you tits is like magic. it doesn't matter that Andovan is literally dying and she's killing him, he's still perfectly happy to set everything aside to fuck Kamala. likewise, when Rhys is captured by those rogue Guardians, the turnkey doesn't even question it when Kamala offers him sex. Hell, she and Rhys somehow find time to do it during that journey.

Do we have any appropriate tropes for these sorts of things? Most of the sexism tropes are about how women are abused and disregarded in literature, so I don't really know if we have anything for when it happens to men.

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Telcontar MOD
Sep 7th 2012 at 12:37:27 PM •••

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