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Jan 18th 2015 at 3:21:46 PM •••

Oh, hello, thanks for creating the page. There wasn't any page for this film and it was a shame because this film is quite good and has Strong and Mc Avoy as the leading actors who are well known these days. I wanted to create this page since I saw film a few months ago. I made a word document with some tropes but I was busy. I added some tropes as far as I remember and corrected some tropes that looked longer than they should.

But there is one I can't remember. There was a trope in which some character's mother/grandmother thinks their boy is a nice person and is all the opposite thing which fits perfectly for Dean's granny.

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Jan 10th 2015 at 5:06:19 AM •••

Some Help please. I don't know the relevant tropes.

The hostage scene could be hilarious. Nan doesn't know she's a hostage until the very end and is under the impression that Lewinsky, Sternwood and Sternwood's mate are old army buddies of Warns'. Lots of subtext ensues.

Sternwood's son dies pretty early on but they lie and say his condition is improving to keep Sternwood in the country. Sternwood is surprised to find his hostage Lewinsky takes him to the morgue.

Sarah gets killed by Warns after not telling anyone that she was leaving her post to follow up a lead. This gets subverted because she writes everything on her hand and tells Lewinsky this vital information posthumously.

The conspiracy is headed by the campaign manager of an important Shadow minister and a private military contractor firm. The big-wig in the police is only in it to arm the police and is very upset over the number of deaths (it was meant to be a simple frame up of Ruan Sternwood and his mate). This still works for the conspiracy as it generates the gun crime crisis that makes arming the police a talking point. Given that almost all instances of gun violence are ambush situations or hostage negotiations..?

Starts with Lewinsky getting shot in the leg instead of being killed by Sternwood. Ends with Lewinsky holding a gun to Sternwood before letting him free.

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