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Oh, so you just passed through my page. Let me guide you.

I'm half and half, a misanthrope with a sweet side sometimes, Brit-Spaniard laddie aspiring to write. I’ve met so many sources to write but this is the most fun. I want to learn and dominate every secret from the ancient technique of storytelling, the narrative.

While some people around me are focus on one thing, I want to focus on everything. Maybe not everything, like, I dunno, a symbolic film that relies on silencespam and imagespam. But sure I want the WHOLE LOT.


My tastes rely on One Piece, Harry Potter, The Railway Series and Pokémon. I usually like things that people underrate and I don't follow whatever fashion is currently following everybody like the Sonic-Zelda-Mario triumvirate or MLP because I get tired of it. Though Sherlock is quite good. Talking about that, don't expect me to ship nor have waifus though Nico Robin is probably the closest thing to a waifu I ever experienced.

Oh (again), and my nickname is just a lame pun.

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