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Dec 8th 2017 at 4:05:41 AM •••

There's a Ruby-Spears website that is supposedly by Joe and Ken themselves, and appears to postdate the studio's 1996 closing (they talk about a project they did in 1999, and talk about projects they're doing after "the turn of the century"), but the shows and cartoons that they're supposedly working on look either ultra-violent, childishly "adult", or downright goofy. (Like The Cannibal, a superhero who eats criminals; The Wugglies, which appears to be about a world of ugly people who don't wear pants)

The art styles of the upcoming cartoons look stolen, too, like "Fetch" appears to have a fat version of Arnold (from Hey Arnold) as its main character, while the family from "Moving Down" look like they're rejects from Rugrats (particularly the family patriarch).

I was going to add it to the main page, but I'm not 100% sure it's real.

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