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Dec 16th 2016 at 12:59:38 AM •••

Whoo! Looks like we have at least one other person aside from me regularly editing this now (and adding one for the other current mouthful-of-a-title GL Corps title, huzzah! I'd been meaning to do that, so thank you for saving me the trouble!). This is great because I don't always get to read the issues as soon as they've come out, so it means the page is able to be more current to the story-line developments. And even better, I could swear it's now listed in more indices, meaning some valiant, patient Troper more familiar with the comic book related indexing than I has been very diligent in that respect. Danke! ;) Indexing can be a painstaking little bear.

A lot of the other most recent edits also seem pretty good for the most part - some alterations to wording here and there sure, but mostly beneficially so, and there's some great new examples pulled from the current "Phantom Lantern" arc - but. I gotta ask: Is there a reason Heel–Face Door-Slam was removed from the list, or was this an accidental or temporary deletion?

Because given the way Red Lantern Rings work with the whole "messing up your natural heart so you rely on it to survive" thing, it reactivating from the Interrupted Cooldown Hug would seem to definitely count as that trope (unless I've misread something). And even if it didn't literally count (and again, I think it does?)...thing is, the character in question certainly interprets the event that way, going so far as to internally vow revenge based on that perception! Which would seem to in turn merit at least a "[character] seems to think they've received this, anyway" mention?

In fact, that exact kind of reference to the "perceived Heel–Face Door-Slam" is retained in another trope example entry here, so it seems weird that the actual entry for that trope on the list got removed. Especially when considering that even a work discussing a trope, let alone a character even mistakenly believing they've been a victim of the trope, can normally qualify it for an entry on such a list, albeit with clarification. Just wondering, because I was tempted to add it back in but didn't want to step on any toes if there was a reason it was taken out, you know?

Anyway, keep up the good work, guys! :) This page is really shaping up nicely. That one trope vanishing from the list was the only issue I have with it at current, and I'm willing to believe there's a logical explanation that is (one way or another) easily addressed on that.

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