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Oct 21st 2016 at 1:50:34 AM •••

Can I suggest if this character sheet could stick only with the anime (both the original anime and Spirits) characters and its respective examples?

While I acknowledge that a great part of the VideoGame.Medabots work page's examples are from the anime series, due to it being more known in the West than the videogames, there are some tropes that apply to both media's characters (there are even some that also apply to the manga). And some of the examples that were moved to the character sheet actually acknowledge that both share them (or not, in case of videogames' universe exclusive tropes and viceversa).

I have been thinking about this since the serial videogames (up until Medarot 7 and Medarot DUALnote ), the manga, and the anime are all alternate continuities from each other. While some characters have their basic treats, others do not, and some events do not play the same way as other sources (for example, the "Ten Days of Darkness" in the manga is not the same "Ten Days of Darkness" in the anime, if we would expand their respective details), even if it gets acknowledged in the tropes' examples.

I have worked with character sheets that have examples that are included in other adaptations, but some of them don't tend to differ a lot from the source (e.g. manga vs anime), so, while I recognize that some character tropes in any other Medabots continuity are minimal in comparison (although Hikaru/Henry is another different story, since the manga treats his child self as Ikki is treated in the anime, while the anime is ambiguous on details), I was wondering about what could be the best to do in this character sheet?

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