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Jul 8th 2014 at 2:08:08 AM •••

Anyone else feel a little squicked watching this anime? What with all the Fanservice from a nine-year-old?

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Oct 16th 2014 at 5:16:17 PM •••

Well, it's something that simply is. Back then the fanservice in general wasn't so annoying, so works like this one could have some of it so that they would not appear too hermetic. I mean, back then it wasn't really a big deal, it's now that people get more annoyed by fanservice and recognise it more easily—rather than simply seeing it and not paying attention to it because it is, in a way, natural; I mean, you can see stuff like that in normal life too, you just don't usually pay attention to it because it just happens rather than being supposed to make you pay attention ... unless the kid is a bit too precocious, that is—and it's all because of how rampart the fanservice is nowadays that we really notice. I mean, there are kids aged 9 or 10 that walk around in outfits that are just a bit fanservicey because they themselves simply like how the clothes look, and you don't notice them until you see some kid dressed completely improperly; it's the same thing here.

Heck, the only moments when there was anything remotely blatant about the fanservice are the transformation scenes, but that's sort of a tradition when it comes to “magical girl” series, and more importantly that one is fanservice of a different sorts ... that is, Japanese love their transformation sequences (and huge mecha, too), so rather than being for people who want to watch a naked kid it's for people who want to watch a transformation sequence.

That, and there's also the fact that the franchise itself has Bleached Underpants. That is, if I recall correctly, the series is a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off of a porn game. So yeah ... that's why they put just some fanservice here and there.

But yeah, some people do feel a little squicked by this. That I will not deny.

Apr 6th 2012 at 10:30:19 PM •••

With regards to "why Yuuno didn't try using [the additional modes] before handing the device over to Nanoha": He's an expert at defensive magic, not a long-distance attacker. (Isn't it mentioned somewhere that Yuuno couldn't use Raising Heart effectively?) Plus, how much opportunity did he have to use the device?

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