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Jan 18th 2018 at 3:24:07 PM •••

  • Isshin physically attacks Ichigo at random intervals until Ichigo is capable of beating him right back and is lecherous towards his own daughters. He provides no sensible support for his children's education and secretly collaborates with Urahara to ensure Ichigo's put through Training from Hell and sent into life-threatening battles to build up his power. When he does finally reveal his power to Ichigo, it's at his own convenience to prevent Ichigo learning an even bigger secret that he's been hiding. While he cares for his children, he's under no illusion that his parenting methods have been terrible. While he calls his old friend Ryuuken a bad father, he considers himself even worse.
  • Ryuuken lies to Uryuu's face about his refusal both to be a Quincy or permit Uryuu to be one until Uryuu is so angry that he leaves home by the age of 15. When Ryuuken offers to restore Uryuu's lost power, he demands the severence of all ties with the Shinigami and belittles all Uryuu's past decisions; Uryuu's left thinking the training is an excuse to kill him. When Isshin says Ryuuken secretly let Uryuu go to Hueco Mundo, even he is startled by Ryuuken's retort that he simply doesn't care whether Uryuu lives or dies. Ryuuken's actually trying to protect Uryuu from an awful, life-threatening Quincy secret by forcing Uryuu to hate him, so he's fully aware he's almost as bad a parent as Isshin.

These two Bleach example don't exactly fit here, since the "examples" are clearly cherrypicked and exaggerated. They fit more under Parents as People.

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