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So? Being \
So? Being \\\"genuinely evil\\\" isn\\\'t a requirement at all. The trope is described thusly, \\\"When a fandom takes a controversial or downright villainous character and downplays his flaws, often turning him into an object of desire in the process.\\\"

Note it says \\\"\\\'\\\'\\\'or\\\'\\\'\\\' downright villainous\\\". So the trope boils down to two criteria:

1. We\\\'re supposed to not like the character.\\\\\\\\
2. Fangirls/boys like him/her anyway and excuse his faults.

Whether or not someone is really \\\"evil\\\" has absolutely no baring on the trope listing. Draco Malfoy, if not evil, is supposed to be a sniveling little toad that we\\\'re supposed to hate, and fangirls turn him into a misunderstood bishi. That\\\'s as clear an example of the trope as you can get.

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