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Make Private (For security bugs or stuff only for moderators)

2nd Mar, 2021 06:59:37 AM

Do I need to have mod approval to add this?

This trope is under discussion in the Trope Repair Shop.

2nd Mar, 2021 07:28:14 AM

Short-term projects isn't TRS.

2nd Mar, 2021 07:39:04 AM

^ The thread also brought up shoehorning issues that may warrant some stricter criteria for comparing works, so I think it's fair to talk about that in TRS.

EDIT: Ohhhh, I visited from the link in ATT (which is written similar to a TRS promotion) and the "Needs Help" in the title and assumed it was on TRS. Odd.

Edited by mightymewtron
2nd Mar, 2021 08:17:58 AM

But there isn't a TRS project as of yet. Only add the banner if/when the TRS discussion is active.

2nd Mar, 2021 10:08:08 AM

Apparently, it was initially in Trs, but moved to short term.

2nd Mar, 2021 10:28:15 AM

Ah, okay.

The thread still needs attention due to the lingering table formatting issues. Even on desktop the format's kinda weird.


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