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21st Jul, 2020 07:11:21 AM

In a broad sense, people assuming the worst about a hero would indicate Hero with Bad Publicity.

Your example about Jameson and Spider-Man is listed on the Hero with Bad Publicity page — it seems more of a personal grudge with Freudian Excuse and All of the Other Reindeer reasons behind it rather than Fridge Logic per se.

21st Jul, 2020 04:42:09 PM

Well, the Jonah example was just one of the points - Spiderman's a Hero with Bad Publicity, but the fact that everyone assumes he's just one guy is a piece of Fridge Logic considering there might be anyone under the body-covering costume (and in fact, one early issue has Doctor Doom kidnapping Flash Thompson when he dressed up as Spiderman).

For instance, if a superhero story ended with the twist that there are more than one person using the superhero costume, what trope would that be subverting?

21st Jul, 2020 05:19:35 PM

Yup, Costume Copycat is what I was looking for, thanks.


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