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When you find yourself trying to remember a show (or any works) that's on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach, come here - the collective brain of the TVTropes community can probably help. Post all the details you can remember (examples help). If you're looking for a trope, head over to Trope Finder. Have general questions about tropes? Visit Ask The Tropers!

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What do you remember about the show?

19th Nov, 2019 12:14:00 PM

For the 2nd and 3rd game I think you're talking about the The Trapped Trilogy.

Edited by jOSEFdelaville
21st Nov, 2019 02:49:27 PM

I believe that's it, thanks!

10th Dec, 2019 08:37:56 PM

Bump... (tbh I really want to know what the first game is, I've been looking forever)

23rd Dec, 2019 06:23:58 AM

The factory one... was there an insane professor and creepy baby dolls involved? If so, I might know the game - Escape The Toy Factory.

As for the beach one, it sounds like Murphys Gesetz 7 (or the number that revolved around a beach day).

23rd Dec, 2019 01:13:04 PM

Already found the factory one, it's not the game you're describing. The beach one wasn't what you said, I remember it having a rather simple and flat artstyle (although I could be wrong).

Edited by jandn2014
13th Jan, 2020 01:56:37 PM

I think I remember the last one, but I can't find the name. It had pixel graphics and a sandcastle building contest which you would win because you were the only entrant, correct?

Edit: I think I found it, was it called Holiday Sim?

Edited by Florien
13th Jan, 2020 05:09:03 PM

That is it, thank you!


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