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7th Nov, 2019 07:05:33 PM

12 also seems REALLY high.

Like, there are only really four major platform groups.

7th Nov, 2019 07:11:35 PM

>Why does being ported on one or two less systems than 12 not count?

Because you can make that argument for literally any number, and then you just have the paradox of the heap. The line's gonna be arbitrary no matter where we put it.

Do trivia items normally get sent to TRS just for having a low wick count?

MetaFour MOD
8th Nov, 2019 08:44:39 AM

>Like, there are only really four major platform groups.

I think the idea for such a high number was to ensure Port Overdosed only includes games ported to multiple systems across multiple console generations. Or to put it another way, to exclude games that got ported to every current console at the time of their release, but fell out of the public eye and haven't been rereleased since.

Edited by MetaFour
8th Nov, 2019 08:54:02 AM

^ So would, say, Okami count then in spirit? It has been released on three console generations in a row (and PC) although the total is currently less than 12 systems.

Edited by Albert3105
8th Nov, 2019 02:37:34 PM

Okami might still be a bit low to be "overdosed"


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