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12th Jun, 2019 03:44:05 AM

I just had an incomplete, locked TRS about this.

Anyone wanna remake?

I'm out for half a day.

12th Jun, 2019 06:28:58 AM

The description says involuntary transformations are Baleful Polymorph but then goes on to describe a whole bunch of reasons and situations and types of involuntary transformations that apparently still qualify as Animorphism even though they don't. Okay.

12th Jun, 2019 08:17:17 AM

The trope is apparently just transformation into an animal, voluntary or not. The description could be fixed up, but I don't think the trope itself is a problem.

12th Jun, 2019 08:19:13 AM

I mean, with a name like Baleful Polymorph, you'd think the trope refers to the "bad" type of transformation, what with "Baleful" being part of the name and all...

12th Jun, 2019 08:22:38 AM

Baleful Polymorph is an involuntary transformation as a curse or hex, but it's not just into an animal. It could be anything.

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