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15th May, 2019 04:41:16 PM

Is it a Short Run in Peru or an official release?

SRIP has sometimes been a reason to forbid adding examples, but if the creators intended to release in this market before the world-wide market, that's usually sufficient to begin adding tropes. I know many of the foreign language works begin adding tropes as soon as the work is released in the native language.

15th May, 2019 05:12:50 PM

It both released "officially" in Malaysia first and then had a few premiere screenings in the US. What's odd about that is Malaysia was supposed to be under the worldwide date but it dropped earlier than intended by two weeks, and I don't know if premiere screenings count as a part of the official release. So I don't really know what ground this stands on.

Edited by Raddishes
15th May, 2019 08:50:58 PM

If it's intentionally released to the public, examples can be listed and tropes can be added.

16th May, 2019 09:48:26 AM

I have another question with the same movie. I was going remove some trailer-specific tropes since they're spoilers to the actual movie, but since some of them are on the trailer anyway, is it really a spoiler? Or do I just put them under spoilers regardless?

Edited by Raddishes
16th May, 2019 12:09:09 PM

If the context in the movie is different it's probably a spoiler, since Never Trust a Trailer and all.


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