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When you find yourself trying to remember a show (or any works) that's on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach, come here - the collective brain of the TVTropes community can probably help. Post all the details you can remember (examples help). If you're looking for a trope, head over to Trope Finder. Have general questions about tropes? Visit Ask The Tropers!

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30th Mar, 2019 11:00:09 PM

Maybe, it's one that I want to check out after finding out it's an improvement of Goldeneye and has better controls and Story, but I didn't know this until well after the Gamecube and Wii era so it's a game I missed out on. I looked up some Gameplay on Youtube though and it doesn't look like what I have in my memory, unless I'm not checking the right missions. I was looking at the Rare Replay version and I remember something with... shinier reflections off of guns and metalic surfaces, this still has the flat textures one would expect from N64. Is there some jungle or aztec location with some desert with a metallic building that could be mistaken for an overrun lab or alien spaceship, or abandoned government facility maybe? Most importantly, is there a disc-launching weapon that bounces off walls? I haven't seen anything like it since in a first person game and there aren't enough unique and interesting weapons in fps nowadays.

31st Mar, 2019 01:27:16 AM

A weapon that shoots spinning discs exists in Unreal; however I am not sure if this is also true for the graphically improved Unreal II. The original Unreal has rather low-poly graphics and much simpler textures.

31st Mar, 2019 11:32:21 AM

Unreal's lighting and shading on weapons, while not amazing, is still more convincing than anything on the N64 at the time, and the aesthetics of the weapons is the kind I've been looking for. That might just be the game I've been wanting to play for over a decade, I never knew anything about Unreal really besides it having a game engine that was used in other games, and never considered getting it before. Thank you. ^^

Edited by Macifayo
9th Apr, 2019 10:41:21 AM

Actually looking at the game more in depth at the environments and weapons, it might not be Unreal, but it still could be and I'm misremembering stuff. Any other fps games with disc weapons?

10th Apr, 2019 01:07:18 PM

Perfect Dark comes to mind, but I don't remember a gun that fired spinning discs.

Edit: Tomb Raider 3 actually had a Nevada desert level with a crashed spaceship, aliens, and a hidden government lab with a lot of metallic areas. It also featured some temple/jungle areas. I can't remember for certain if you could use any alien weapons or not. The game came out during the console era you're talking about but also had a PC release. The only problem is that it's not an FPS.

Edited by PegasusKnightmare
10th Apr, 2019 04:22:23 PM

Could it be Half Life 2 with the gravity gun?

11th Apr, 2019 02:03:30 PM

TV Tropes has a Deadly Disc trope page (which I just found by accident), and there is a section about videogames as well. Not all are FPS, not all are older games, but it appears that e.g. Tribes from 1998 also has a disc shooting weapon

11th Apr, 2019 09:45:12 PM

The graphics are definately more dated than Half Life 2 and it had more of an Area 51 type of vibe to it, and it was before Half Life 2 or the Xbox 360. I think I might have found something though. The second Turok game, Seeds of Evil, has you explore an alien space ship and there's a disc weapon that returns to you. It doesn't bounce off walls though but the design of the ship and the way the doors open are the kind of alien ship I've always wanted to explore in a game as a kid.

I don't think I'm going to figure out what the game I'm looking for is with any certainty. The disc weapon in Unreal didn't seem to exist in the single player, not for the first game at least. I guess it's possible he was playing Unreal Tournament and I might have assumed they were NP Cs or something but I don't remember much fighting, he was kind of just showing me some of the weapons he had and firing them in an empty room to demonstrate. It's also possible that they weren't disc shaped and I'm remembering wrong, maybe they were energy orbs or some larger than average explosive that bounced off the walls.

13th Apr, 2019 01:30:30 PM

The disc weapon in Unreal is the Razorjack:

I don't have a running game here and go by Youtube videos; it seems you get it rather late in the game.

13th Apr, 2019 07:21:42 PM

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal? It came out in 2004 and it has a first-person mode, aliens, desert-type landscapes, and a gun that fires disc blades.


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