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15th Apr, 2018 12:15:10 PM

See, I think All Hallows' Eve is separate because it's a tradition festival that's celebrated worldwide. Valentine's Day is just American, so doesn't need much more info than what is on the American Holidays page (well, maybe a mention that in recent years other countries have tried to get in on the act, but it's a much tamer version and basically restricted only to adults giving their partner a card)

15th Apr, 2018 05:37:02 PM

So, that 1 for not spawning a new Useful Notes page, anyone for it? Else, I'll go with that, tomorrow.

15th Apr, 2018 05:48:46 PM

^^ Valentine's Day isn't just American.

15th Apr, 2018 06:28:56 PM

^ It is the way that Americans celebrate it. Sure, there's cards and flowers in many countries, but it's not the same kind of holiday as it is in America. Like, it's massive, they make kids do things, there's usually a party at every other house, it gets prepared for on Jan 1st. The Valentine's Day as understood by Americans doesn't happen anywhere else, from my experience. And the concept of it being a holiday was certainly invented by America.

Edited by lakingsif
16th Apr, 2018 04:39:35 AM

So... still no consensus...

16th Apr, 2018 05:16:06 AM

Nobody here has claimed it needs a useful notes page other than the existing one.

Edited by crazysamaritan
Fighteer MOD
16th Apr, 2018 05:55:57 AM

Does giving it its own Useful Notes article contribute additional information that isn't already adequately presented on existing articles? That's the acid test.

16th Apr, 2018 06:45:50 AM

Japan has its own Valentines Day customs modeled after the American customs. They mostly involve chocolates for women to be brought to men whether for obligation or for love. And then a month after that, the men do the same thing, only with white chocolates, to women.

Edited by alnair20aug93
16th Apr, 2018 07:24:07 AM

^ Aka UsefulNotes.Japanese Holidays: Valentine's Day and White Day...

16th Apr, 2018 10:52:56 AM

Both those pages could be mentioned on the disambig, i.e. See American Holidays for information on the actual celebrations in the United States // See Japanese Holidays for ... celebrations, including the related holiday White Day, in Japan. // Though theoretically originating from a Classical Saint, most other countries have either no celebrations or a minimal holiday of cards and/or a gift for your partner, based on a very tame version of the American holiday.

Edited by lakingsif
16th Apr, 2018 02:16:41 PM

So, if no one says anything, I'll change it to disambig between Valentine's Day Episodes, Film.Valentines Day, UsefulNotes.American Holidays, and UsefulNotes.Japanese Holidays...

... Wait. ... Has the day been exported to any other countries / cultures, and we could make a Useful Notes about how it means different things to different cultures / people / whatever? ... The Other Wiki has a section: Valentine's_Day - Celebration and status worldwide

But if anyone disagrees, just wait, and no new page will be made, and the above disambig contents will be in place in a day or so.

Edited by Malady