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7th Mar, 2018 01:31:49 PM

Pulled the example entirely. We Are Not Wikipedia. Not every factoid about a movie needs to be cataloged.

8th Mar, 2018 05:46:09 AM

I didnt Wikipedia wanted factoid like that either....

8th Mar, 2018 01:07:52 PM

Well, since we're on the topic of "last animated film of a major studio that Jeffrey Katzenberg was around for", there's this example from Kung Fu Panda 3:

  • End of an Era: KFP 3 is the final DreamWorks Animation SKG film completed and released while the K, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was operating DWA (making it the second Grand Finale film for one of his jobs after The Lion King at Disney 22 years prior). At the end of April, Katzenberg agreed to sell the studio to Comcast/Universal, which required him to cash out his involvement with DWA besides a job at DreamWorks New Media (which he would step away from enirely to form a new company); this is after events between KFP 2 and KFP 3 caused serious financial issues and began to destroy the relationship between Katzenberg and DWA's other shareholders.

I'm thinking delete this after this query voted to strip the End of an Era example from The Lion King.

Should I also send a PM to the user who added the other example?

Edited by jameygamer