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1st Jan, 2018 05:18:27 PM

I'd bet a fairly important body part that's him.

Edited by DracMonster
1st Jan, 2018 09:03:31 PM

...does it even matter if he is? I would have thought using a sockpuppet disingenuously would be bad enough.

1st Jan, 2018 09:56:08 PM

If none of the socks are suspended, I wouldn't really know what to report exactly.

1st Jan, 2018 10:25:52 PM

The mods tend to take a dim view of a user having multiple accounts. It's not technically against the rules, but most of the reasons for doing so are.

Basically, if someone has a confirmed sock and is doing anything even mildly suspicious, you can usually safely report it.

Edited by DracMonster
1st Jan, 2018 10:54:22 PM

Just using two accounts is fine in itself. If they aren't abusing that(like voting for something on the crowner twice, etc), then it doesn't matter. They sometimes might have two different computers. Could be for another roleplay or whatever. I have two myself(one for a rp, one for regular).

That said, considering everything, it was worth reporting due to the coincidences and it doesn't hurt to double check they aren't doing something like double crowner voting.

Edited by Irene
1st Jan, 2018 10:57:24 PM

The fact that he's using two accounts to do one already-sketchy thing feels very much like astroturfing, even if there's no ban-evasion involved (which I don't know about either way).

1st Jan, 2018 11:03:45 PM

That's my point. Two accounts is not suspicious. Look for actual activity that looks like a problem, not the account number.

I've had at least 4 accounts here. I abandoned 2 of them, mostly when I came out as female. Thus, one rp-specific account, and this one are used~

2nd Jan, 2018 12:14:21 AM

Unilaterally changing quotes instead of going through the dedicated thread is reportable behavior, and using two accounts to do that or any other reportable behavior is not allowed.

2nd Jan, 2018 01:31:29 AM

None of these accounts are suspended at this point, and I see some fair geographical as well as behavioural differences.