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18th Aug, 2017 10:58:27 PM

Berrenta: I was going to revert the Ship Tease edits that RandomX made to an earlier version, as I discussed in my ATT post here. May I be granted permission to revert them?

19th Aug, 2017 01:16:40 AM

Which edits? There are none under that name in Ship Tease's history.

19th Aug, 2017 01:33:24 AM

Ah, sorry, I didn't specify which section of Ship Tease. RandomX made their edits under the Anime & Manga section of Ship Tease, not the main page of Ship Tease. I apologize for not being clearer.

Here is the edit history for the Anime & Manga section of Ship Tease. RandomX is listed there, after my latest edit where I deleted the links to manga scanlations.

Edited by mouschilight
19th Aug, 2017 08:59:57 AM

I want to fix the edits on the Anime & Manga section of Ship Tease—specifically, the Naruto folder, as I am not familiar with most of the other anime/manga—as I discussed in my ATT post.

I have my edits and its Edit Reason already written out, so, permission to fix the edits?

Edited by mouschilight
22nd Aug, 2017 04:12:33 AM

Put them on the discussion page, perhaps?

22nd Aug, 2017 09:29:57 AM

May I ask why? I thought that my previous ATT post and now this ATT post would be enough reasons to restore/fix the edits.

Please know that I'm not slighting you or anything; I just want to understand why I should put this in the discussion page. Are you suggesting that I put my planned edits in the discussion page? Or that I request to restore/fix the edits on that page?

PS — Also, I admit, I'm a bit reluctant to use the discussion page because there hasn't been a post on the Anime & Manga Ship Tease discussion page since 2016, and that 2016 post never got a response (here is the Anime And Manga Ship Tease discussion page). I fear that my request to restore/fix the edits will be ignored on that page because of its lack of activity, which is why I asked to do so on here and why I hope to earn permission here on ATT.

Like I stated before, I already have my restored/fixed edits written out and even its Edit Reason written out; I'm just waiting to get permission to go ahead and restore/fix those edits. I'm concerned about using the discussion page mainly because it hasn't been active in a while and I don't want my inquiry to be ignored.

Edited by mouschilight
24th Aug, 2017 10:59:31 PM

I don't think that folks on ATT care too much about what ends up in that entry.

26th Aug, 2017 10:22:52 PM

Wait so, I can go ahead and make those edits? I wanted (and still want) to make sure I got permission beforehand so that I wouldn't start an Edit War.

30th Aug, 2017 08:18:43 PM

I think at this point in time you can probably go and fix the edits.


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