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When you find yourself trying to remember a show (or any works) that's on the tip of your tongue but just out of reach, come here - the collective brain of the TVTropes community can probably help. Post all the details you can remember (examples help). If you're looking for a trope, head over to Trope Finder. Have general questions about tropes? Visit Ask The Tropers!

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9th Jan, 2011 05:58:50 PM

Maybe Ranma 1/2? I don't recognize the episode description, but then I didn't see much of the series, and it was actually written by the same person, iirc, as Urusei Yatsura, so it's likely there would be character similarities, and there would definitely be artistic similarities.

9th Jan, 2011 06:23:25 PM

I would've said Ranma, but ian mentions both Urusei Yatsura here and Maison Ikokku in another YKTS, so it stands to reason that he's at least passingly familiar with Rumiko Takahashi's second most famous work.

I really have no clue, though, I tend to shy away from older manga that isn't about sports.

9th Jan, 2011 07:08:29 PM

Sounds just like Ranma in at least one respect (the boys wanting one of the girls - Akane - and her sending them flying), though. Don't know what else it could be.

10th Jan, 2011 12:28:46 AM

Might be a stretch, not to mention my few memories of it are very hazy, but... High School Kimengumi?

10th Jan, 2011 07:15:05 AM

Thanks, but yeah, it wasn't Ranma. There were no supernatural stuff, just high school hijinks with the Japanese anime slapstick comedy. I don't think it was High School Kimengumi either, but it seems closer to the mark... I'll still look it up. And speaking of Akane, yeah, the way boys were courting that particular lady were very much like Akane's suitors in the sense that they turned the whole thing into an everyday ritual. And that lady was so much like Uruesi Yatsura's Sakura; she has long black hair and having that mature sexy teacher/nurse effect.


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