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Aug 10th 2019 at 8:05:01 PM

Akali, Fremont Festival

Once the kunai was gone, Akali had in fact started to move. Not very far, simply leaping to another tree as she blended into the shadows; Using the foliage to help her disappear from sight as she watched what happened next.

"Tch." The ninja clicked her tongue in annoyance as she saw how little of an effect her blade had on the woman. Even from the distance she could tell it had actually stabbed the woman and went deep, so she wasn't just immune to damage. But it'd barely annoyed the woman, and she couldn't see any blood. Fine, she'd have to do it another way.

Moving quickly and quietly, Akali waited until the woman was looking away before she darted out from the trees and back into the festival grounds, likely leaving Ryo behind and talking to shadows. As she moved, she drew on the only real ninjutsu she knew, wrap her mask over her lower face as she shifted colours. Lighting up like she was standing under a blacklight, and hiding her hair, eye and skin colour from any of the lingering people scattered throughout the rest of the concert ground. It was obvious, but then that was the point. The sheer strangeness of her appearance would make any recollection beyond that harder. She paid them little mind as she searched, her goals clear as she ran.

Fortune favoured the young woman, her search ending quickly as she headed once again back towards the main stage. Her hands worked quickly as she moved, lashing the two things together as the area came into sight. Akali let the small weighted bag, previously having been covering a tent peg, drop from her hand. It came to a sudden stop a moment later as she tightened her grip on the rope tied to it, beginning to swing it in a circle beside her as she ran. There was a brief moment of surprise as the ground between her and the others suddenly began to rise, but she didn't slow. With a leap, the ninja landed atop the rising wall, pausing for a moment to gain height, and then jumped. With a practiced move, she twisted her body in the air and flung her 'weapon' the bag flying out in an arc, aiming to catch Patty around the waist and wrap itself around her. If she succeded, Akali would use her height and momentum to yank the villain out of the air and into the ground; Hopefully painfully.

Stratofarius ive been here since 2011, jesus
ive been here since 2011, jesus
Aug 11th 2019 at 12:45:43 AM

The Cheesecake Factory

" N̈̊̓̾̔̐̌òt̓ͤh̅̉͑̆ͥ̅̑i̍ͫ̂̑ͧ͌̀n̷̂̍͂̌́gͯ̓͗͐ ͭͯ͜p̧͒ͬr̛͋oͣpe̋̍̑̒ͯͣͧrͯ ̷̔̈̃͒̄ͫ̿aͧ̍̓ͬbͧ͐ͦoú̡̏ͥ͌͆t̒ ͧ̉͗̃͊̉̑p͐ͧuͪ̾s̕h̡ͮin̶̅̂ͧg̵̒ͦ ͂͗ͤ̇̈́͂y̏̇̔̊ͨoͣ̾ͥͥu̎ͩ̎ͬͧ̌rͤͥ̉ͥ̓̾s͑ͯ̐̃̍̓͆ë̈́͊͒ͮ͝l̓ͪͥ͌̆͌f̆͛̑ͦ̒ͮ́̚ ͮͨ͟ō̶n̍̋̋́ͨͥt́̿͊o̷ͦ̽̒ͩ̅̍ ̧͂̔̈́̂ǒͮ͆͑̔̅̊ť͒̓ͣ̎̑h̽ͭ́͋̿e̿̌̂͒͗҉rͦ̈́̓̿ͮ̂sͤͨ̽.ͬ̈ͧ͊ͪ" The Doctor muttered with the ease of someone who wasn't talking in a completely alien language inbetween uneasy jabs at a strawberry cheesecake. With that same vigor (and passing uninterest), his head spun towards Curtis, and he raised an eyebrow. "Ah. A name dropper." He shoved some cake in his mouth and pointed in Curtis' direction with his fork. "I think you left the rest of your ego in those places."

Turning his attention back to the cheesecake, the Doctor cleared his throat and looked up at the waitress. "Just bring him the bread. He might drop some more names." He said, smiling softly at the waitress before his head snapped towards Nyaruko once more. "I know a lot of languages and I look like a lot of people. Yours wasn't too hard. And I'm pretty sure I've heard it before."

"Just like I was sure I've seen before," He waved at Curtis. "But now I'm not so sure. I tend to forget the pompous ones."

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One Brunch Man
Aug 11th 2019 at 1:02:47 AM

Washington State World History Museum

Hirasaka’s measured yet insistent gait towards the museum’s front doors gradually slowed, stumbled, and then stopped altogether, the man turning himself about (mostly out of habit, and because it would look weird otherwise) to direct his senses over to where the situation was quickly deescalating itself—and to where Reinhardt was waving! At them!

A silent tremor of glee weaved its way up through Hirasaka’s spine, until the man’s arm was extended over his head and already one wave deep back at the Crusader—until the blind man came to his senses, and realized that it probably didn’t have so much to do with them as the cargo they had in tow, causing Hirasaka to promptly and awkwardly bring his waving hand down to stifle a cough as though he’d meant to do that the whole time. “It seems there’s been a misunderstanding, my friend!” Hirasaka said, attempting to brush past the moment by leaning forward to address Iowa past both Kiryu’s body and his aura of menace. “The situation might seem dire now, but remember: the truth will set you free! Although…” Hirasaka cocked his head to the side searchingly as he took a step forward toward the pair, not noticing how his movement let the whip build a bit of slack and let 626's feet hang closer to the ground. “…setting things free is what brought about all of this in the first place, so how about, the truth will put you away! No, that doesn’t sound quite right either…” Moving in another step to offer an encouraging pat on the would-be discoverer’s back to counter his comrade’s vicious energy, Experiment 626 would find his alien toenails just about scraping against the museum’s tiles. “Regardless, I’m sure that you’ll do the right thing!” He said, his gaze somehow shining with his sincerity even behind his thick sunglasses.

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If I had that kind of power, I'd have dropped a meteor on your house ages ago~
Aug 11th 2019 at 11:53:58 AM

Junna Hoshimi- 'Catch The Rainbow' Festival

A piece of advice that she should always be following, Junna thought, was to expect the unexpected. It's how you improv, it's how you adapt to a fight on the fly, and it's how, heaven forbid it being needed in the first place, you play off of a mistake.

Despite telling herself this, the last few moments caught her completely off guard. A stone barrier coming from the ground, a sigh from... somewhere, then her arrow and the spore cannon being stopped in midair (which was a good call on the part of whoever did that, she'll admit it was way better than what she came up with those five seconds, but still), a kunai coming from... somewhere and stabbing the Mushroom Girl's leg, and the mushroom girl not being a costume.

"I can't say I've been one much for parties. Especially ones as... unorganized as this."

The voice that rang out in her head did nothing to assauge that feeling of being in over her head. In fact, it put her a bit on edge with the otherworldliness of it. Still, she tried to keep a level head, ducking behind the "newcomer's" barrier to avoid inhaling the spores. Containing the pastry... admittingly, she doesn't have much in the "restraint" department, especially since Miss Phungi was not really wearing any loose clothing... though if she wasn't hurt all that much by being pierced, maybe she can pin her down more directly? It's tricky, but seems to be the best she can do at the moment. Well, that or suppressive fire.

She looked around the stage to see if there was any kind of prop or surface that would be receptive to having an arrow stuck in it, while firing off a few of them herself to try to put and keep the Fungi on the defensive, not noticing a new arrival just yet.

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If the shoe fits, check the price first to make sure you're not overpaying.
LittleMako Not an oni!! from the Great Indoors
Not an oni!!
Aug 13th 2019 at 5:59:38 PM

Black Cat - Warehouse Fun Times

Oh good, the warehouse is exploding now too.

Black Cat had been so intent on the fight in the manager's office she'd almost forgotten that Godzilla had also crashed this party. As the Howler dispatched her clones and the Seeds made their exit, the young heroine was faced with a realization.

I shouldn't have come here alone.

What was more, the Howler seemed to be... changing, his voice taking on an even more savage tone - although it was the almost terrified edge to it that made her fur stand on end. Her ears instinctively pinned back against her head, Black cat summoned two more clones and grit her teeth. She could hear sirens. The cavalry was almost here. She could hold out until they arrived.

As the Howler pounced, Black Cat sprang into action two. Her two clones had shimmered into being holding lengths of shadowy chain, each darting in to throw and lop the chains around the wold-man's arms, digging their feet in and trying to pull him back away from Chun, while Black Cat herself swept her staff at his hind legs to knock them out from under him.

Formerly known as Gaunt 88
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Commander Yammark
Aug 14th 2019 at 3:28:12 PM

Curtis Knox - Cheesecake Factory

Curtis did not appreciate being called a name-dropper. Curtis didn't live for an eternity just to be insulted by a not-human! On top of that, he was called pompous. That was true, but no one has called him that and lived to tell the tale!

Well, those accursed social media users could get away with it if they knew. There have been memes based on Curtis's freaking house, of all things. In fact, Curtis thinks that these memes were started by a certain Yeec Pistol, or whatever that girl's name was. Curtis thinks these Influencers are disgusting bottom-feeders, anyways. May the rats infest her house and bring a plague upon her family.

Curtis just chuckles, “A bold attempt at getting under my skin, huh? However, I'm not vulnerable to your ruse.”

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HilarityEnsues Big League Memer Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Big League Memer
Aug 14th 2019 at 9:40:50 PM

Ironhouse District Warehouse

Godzilla does a happy fistpump as she caused a huge explosion. It was not difficult to make her smile, but doing so tended to drop property values within the city significantly lower. She stared at the remaining man in her path, pondering what to do next. A woman of few words, she simply roared and and stomped past the last survivor, allowing him to leave alive and tell the tale of what happened to the world.

Deciding she was done with that particular room, she Kool-Aid Woman'd her way into the manager's room where Warwick and Black Cat currently were. She look around and saw that it was pretty barren aside from the two other heroes, who were currently having some creative differences. She looked disappointed to see all the major players were long gone, but she stuck around and decided to see what the other heroes were going to do.

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Such good fun
Aug 15th 2019 at 9:08:52 AM

Sento - Cheesecake Factory

Well Sento, you have a few options here. Option 1 is to accept the free desert, but then give into this silver haired lady's delusions, at the same time that's some tasty looking food. Option 2 is to turn her down and then look like a jackass in front of everyone. Option 3 is to fake stomach pain and run to the bathroom as quickly as possible to escape this scenario.

....Oh to hell with it, free food! Since he didn't want to end up one of those 'literally starving artists', Sento opened his mouth for Nyarko to feed him.

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
Aug 15th 2019 at 4:57:53 PM

Downtown Heist

Why bugs? Because screw you, 2B, that's why.

Bombadier Beetle, still cackling madly, launched a canister after canister at her. Each one went wildly off course, as he was never asked to land precision shots at a moving target before, and 2B was just too darn nimble to hit in the first place. Her cartwheels brought her right up to him, unharmed, with the closest a shot ever got being one catching on her skirt and tumbling away.

Unfortunately, for this bad beetle, his helmet provided a lot of protection but not much in the realm of vertical visibility. He was left disoriented after the first blow, wondering why the ground suddenly seemed to move out from underneath him after 2B kicked him forward...

Suffice it to say that, with him laying on his back in the freshly cracked crater between these two heroines a brief moment after their 1-2-3 combo, the only thing he could do was briefly look up at Tawna in surprise before passing out.

The Bug Gangers who were present and accounted for during Medusa's demonstration didn't falter at first, raising their blunt objects in preparation for their all-out assault, when suddenly one of them dropped his bat.

"Guys, guys. I...think she's kind of right."

"Oh yeah? Why you suddenly chickenin' out on us?"

" didn't work the last two times we tried it, you know? I had that cast on for the entire spring..."

The rest of them slowly begun to yield, turning to look at their masked partner in crime...and then at their collective arsenal of weapons (the most technologically advanced being a frying pan one of them bought off of a home shopping network), and then at the frightening woman who had just threatened to impale them.

Within the next few seconds, there were dozens of clatters and clangs as all of them except the guy with the pan, as he paid way too much for it, dropped their weapons put their hands behind their head.

Suffice it to say, the day was saved!

A short while later, and the heat of battle was replaced with the tumultuous noise of the crowd that had gathered around the police tape.

The police response was fast enough, as they had a stream of knocked-out gangbangers several blocks long leading them directly to the scene of the crime. They were still loading in the dozens of random criminals they had caught by the time they got to our valiant heroes.

Those who were still present had the flashing lights of the social media upon them, people crowded around, many clamoring for quickly snapped pictures alongside themselves, and some of the older-looking people asking for autographs. A good chunk of them would've had no idea who Medusa or Hudiemon were, aside from a small group of Australians on vacation who were floored to see her few understood who that weird animal woman was, and virtually no one recognized the blind lady in the gothic dress.

"You know, these guys are a pain in the ass," a tired, aging police sergeant admitted to them as he pointed to the van behind him. "Mercury Biotech. They're clean, but damn if I don't hear someone's trying to break in and steal their stuff every other week because some idiot thinks that a company growing organs is gonna give them superpowers..."

"I swear on my LIFE, you freaky blind women," Bombardier Beetle said as he got pushed upward into the waiting jaws of the prison car where twenty of his men were already crammed in, straining against the arms of the officers, "I swear on the good name of the Bug Gang that I, the BOMBARDIER BEETLE, will DESTROY YOU"

"Yeah, like that numpty. These guys are just as annoying, really."

Fremont's Catch the Rainbow Music Fight-stival

The psychic windshield concocted by Espeon was enough to protect her from both the spores and the staff strikes Puff-Puff Patty was putting out, though it would prove a challenge. She wasn't stopping, the arrows fired off-handedly by Junna striking the tall stalks of mushrooms that suddenly grew around her in response, and she was constantly changing her angle of attack as she twirled around the stage. Espeon's mind would have to be nimbler than her feet to keep up!

Junna could see a couple of obvious points to anchor an arrow: the majority of the stage's structure was metal holding up tarp, but there were two wide cedar poles at the frontmost edges.

Toph's barricade drowned out the noise of the fight going on in the stage, briefly, as concrete cracked and gave rise to stone that encircled the stage. They were, for better or worse, locked inside...but not before Akali swung in.

She did succeed with her maneuver. The bag swung hard around the villainess, and then once more again, the weight behind the rope briefly knocking the wind out of her with a yelp as she was pulled backward...

...backward...right by Akali's side. Puff-Puff Patty landed with a thud, and a sudden burst of spores. Akali started feeling kind of weird.

It was an odd sensation to describe, but it would've felt to Akali that no matter how close Patty got, it also felt as if she was suddenly very far away and constantly shifting positions. The entire structure around her began to wobble like gelatin, and the colors that she wore and saw around her grew intensely, sickeningly vibrant in ways that didn't make any sense.

The feeling might have been completely debilitating to lesser minds, but the intense disorientation that Akali felt was something that she could try and power through with sheer concentration. It would not be easy, by any means, and it would only get worse with each passing second.

Meanwhile, in the more sober world, Patty was beginning to realize that it was probably not the best time to be around. Never one to rely solely on luck, she knew that getting ganged up on by three supers at once was just bad juju.

She tried to leave the weighted bag behind, hopefully with Akali distracted enough to give her a bit of slack, and she turned attention skyward.

There was a narrow gap that was getting thinner by the moment, the ground coming up to meet the roof of the stage, so she turned to her temporary dancing partners and said "Adiós, pals! You know, if you all ever wanna, like, hang out sometime when you're not doing this hero stuff, I'd be down for that. Later!" before trying her escape.

Ironhouse District

The sole survivor of the gang almost screamed in fear as Godzilla stomped up to him, and then stared in disbelief as he was left alone with not a single singed hair on his head. As she passed, he steepled his hands, bowed and mumbled something in her direction before sprinting out of there at breakneck speed.

There wasn't much the wrinkled man could do in the office, pinned down under the weight of the huge wolf-thing, beyond stare at him in malice as he leaned in and took a bite outta crime.

He lay on the floor silently as Chun looked at him, aghast, and almost lost focus on the huge manimal that was bearing down on him next. He was stopped with only a few inches in between Warwick's snarling jaws and his face, the black chains cast by Blake managing to hold him back...though it would be a challenge for her to maintain this grip for more than a few moments.

Mr. Chun aided her, indirectly. In the box was a very large handgun, far too large to be of any use in activities that aren't big game hunting; naturally, this was one of the few times Chun could fire this thing guilt free!

He unloaded the magnum directly into Warwick's chest point-blank, firing wildly and shouting incoherently, until it gave a click instead of a bang.

Even with the sounds of the firearms ringing in the office, the approaching sirens were getting noticeable. They'd be here any moment now.

Aug 15th 2019 at 7:37:21 PM

2B (The No Longer Mean Streets)-Aftermath

In the end, this "Bug Gang" put up no fight. To even call it a fight would be inaccurate. Yet, if I and 3 other people who happened to be around had not stepped in, they still might have pulled off their crime, even as amateurish and minor as they were. This does not speak well for the ability of the local police force to respond to....much of anything, really. At least, that's what I thought at first, but another thought comes to mind. In this city, at least, they lean heavily on a select few to fight their battles. But is that a good thing? Do "Heroes" protect the people, or just breed complacency?

Her log entry update was interrupted as the enemy leader was dragged into the van, yelling at her.

"I'm not blind." She said as Pod floated over to the Bombardier Beetle.

Analysis-Your helmet greatly impedes your vision, while providing you with only a small amount of protection in return. If you were to remove your helmet, you may find your success rate increasing

"Pod, don't give the enemy ideas." 2B yelled over at him, and blindfold or not, you could practically see the eyeroll as she turned to the commander of the police forces in this area.

"If the attacks are so frequent, then someone, you or them, should provide the vehicles with escorts. And if this enemy force is providing such trouble, it would be prudent to locate their base and preform a preemptive strike. Perhaps you should question the leader of this enemy force and make him surrender the location."

She paid the people taking pictures of her no mind, and anyone who actually had the balls to ask her to take a picture of them was ignored.

"I am Unit 2B. No, I am not a robot, I am an android. Yes, there is a difference. And no, I am not blind."


   What will I do? The crime for tomb robing is death, of course, as you should well know. Death by burning, to be precise.   

The crowd reacted poorly to this, with lots of disgusted sounds and groaning and general displeasure at this all around.


"What the fuck, man?"

"That's a bit much, isn't it?"

Over by Jones, he looked quite releaved until a Japanese man who's seen way too much shit suddenly lifted him up.

"Wha-No, no, I don't know what this guy's talking about! I've never heard the name of Doctor Oliver Dansfort in my life!"

Then the mummy, still getting yelled at by random civilians, suddenly slammed his foot into the ground, causing a flash of light that blinded anyone who happened to be looking at him for a second.

   Silence! What would peasants know of the way of law!? You are all guilty of lesser crimes as well! In coming to this show to view this, you implicitly agreed with his crimes! And so, I shall take all of your eyes as recompense!   

Maybe this city had just seen too much shit, maybe it's just because this was such a cliche thing to say, maybe it's cause Reinhardt was literally in the same room, but rather then horror and fear he probably expected, everyone just groaned.

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I did a DMC fanfic thing
Aug 16th 2019 at 9:04:27 PM


Any and all faux-affability (if one could call stone-faced questioning that) was all but burnt away as the pharaoh revealed his true nature (i.e. bearing the sin of being very behind the times and saying the exact words to slam Cannon Dancer's berserk button something fierce). "There is no reasoning with you as I thought. To one of your ilk who thinks of yourself far beyond that of mortal men...."

Specialized breathing let out a very distinct sound of an elongated kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... even as small but compact frame began to shift from that of a standing position to that of a sudden snap kick. Blasting forth a furious furor that was eponymous to his name by being the equivalent of a shell shot out from a canon, hardened air screeched forward in an almost invisible sneak attack to try to pragmatically bisect the pharaoh before he could follow up on his promise.

"Return to the underworld, ghost." Coldly spitting out that particular word and calmly gazing at possible reactions, Kirin held his one-legged crane stance even as he readied yet more attacks to dispense whilst on guard, aiming to double tap and even further beyond if need be. Though he was indeed a martial artist, in the end one who was an assassin didn't really play fair all that much. Especially when they suddenly attacked in the middle of a villainous monologue.

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Aug 16th 2019 at 10:26:51 PM

Warwick-Ironhouse District

Warwick found himself chained by Blake's shadows before he could take a huge bite out of Chun's head. The beast snarled and screamed as he tried to get the chains off him, and fell to his knees slightly from the staff, but despite this, the bloodlust of the beast could not be holded back.

Warwick managed to eventually overpower one of the shadows, cutting her with one of his claws and making the shadow disappear disappear, before then turning his attention to the other shadow, leaping to it and taking a bite of it's head,as it disappeared.

The glare of the beast turned to Blake, as it stared at her with full intent to kill...before it clutched his head, screaming, as if Warwick was struggling to stop the beast from killing the hero.


It then snarled and seemed ready to attack and kill Blake...until it was shot repeatedly by Mr Chun in the chest 6 times, causing his whole fur to be soaked in blood and recoil slightly from the hits.

...Despite this though, the bloodlust and the adrenaline kept the pain from stopping him.

It's red eyes quickly turned to the triad leader, anger clearly shown from it's face. While it noticed another person coming inside, he couldn't notice well enough who it was due to the red consuming his sight.


The beast quickly acted and made a quick leap to the triad leader. If not stopped by both of the heroes inside, it would attempt to cut the head of Mr Chun with his augmented claw.

"I became the monster I always was."
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Vampire Hunter
Aug 16th 2019 at 11:57:17 PM

Espeon, Catch the Rainbow Music Fight-stival, Fremont

Espeon had to constantly reorient her Barrier to avoid getting the full dose of Puff-Puff Patty's spores, but it was not only hard to do but since the Barrier was an imperfect shield, the spores were starting to surround her like the gas it was acting like. It seemed like Puff-Puff Patty actually had Espeon on the ropes... Until Akali swung in to bag the villainess. The bad news was that Akali got a face full of spores and Espeon was still in a safe bubble surrounded by air filled with spores.

Looking for the nearest large object, Espeon found the tree that Akali had previously been perched upon and used her telekinesis to uproot it so as to fling the tree into the rapidly shrinking hole of Toph's Earthbent barricade right onto Puff-Puff Patty, hopefully. Espeon knew that this move might cost her escape from the effects of the spores now surrounding her, but hopefully, it will cost Puff-Puff Patty her escape as well.

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Wizard Needs Food Badly
Bored_Man Relationship Status: Abstaining
Aug 17th 2019 at 11:59:52 AM

Tawna (Mean Streets Aftermath) - Saving the Day Is Its Own Trophy

Once the police had finally showed up, Tawna kept watch on the proceedings, her helmet back in the car, and the car itself having driven off back home thanks to Coco piloting it remotely; to her amusement, most of the public here didn't have much clue who she was, save for a group of Australian tourists, who she gave a wink to before moseying over to the sergeant. Overhearing just how frequent events like this were for the company, Tawna frowned, but hearing the blind...sorry, the not-blind android suggest interrogation made her speak up finally, gesturing to the ranting Bombardier Beetle.

"She's got a point there. The guy's living his dream of being a cockroach, he's likely to crawl away like one if you don't dig deeper. See if you can't get one of his flunkies to talk, rattle their chains a little that someone worse will come along next time."

It only took me 6 years.
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Aug 19th 2019 at 2:13:03 AM

Kiryu's Never Killed A Man, But

Yes. Doing the "right thing" would be advisable for the hapless sham(?) of an archaeologist Kiryu was currently holding very firmly by the collar. The problem was, they had to juggle between Jones and the captured alien - while avoiding the pharaoh's genocidal campaign, hopefully to be stopped by the heroes on stage - which made things tricky, to say the least. "And yet you know his full name, despite no one mentioning it - not even that toilet paper freak over there, who would know it better than most."

"I am a man who relinquished violence, but I understand that a mere threat may not be enough sometimes." His steel glare intensified. "So how about you do not force my hand and tell us everything you know, Jones-sensei." Kiryu wasn't much for sarcasm, and yet the honorific was delivered with two distinctly separated syllables to let Jones know how little his title of a doctor meant to the ex-yakuza holding him.

smart words go here
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Nailed It!
Aug 19th 2019 at 3:41:21 PM

Chill Streets of Downtown - Medusa

"Good choice," Medusa said, slowing her nail down to a stop, then for good measure she menacingly licked her weapon before waiting for the police to show up.

"If they want to try again, I will still be here to oppose them," she said firmly after approaching the officers, figuratively glaring daggers at the Bombardier Beetle who was making threats far beyond his station. "It seems they are already taking measures to secure their shipments, but if a gang of incompetents was able to know when to strike, even a dozen guards would have been insufficient to take on so many men at once. Speaking of which, how are the two men from the truck?"

E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
Chabal2 Fear me from Plains of Tolosa
Fear me
Aug 19th 2019 at 9:48:40 PM

Toph, Fremont

-From the sound of it, the girl is leaving. Toph pulls a large spool hanging at her belt. The spool spins as a steel wire snakes up and out, turning into a lasso as it continues upwards, headed for the gap above the stage still letting in light.-

Flanker66 Dreams of Revenge from 30,000 feet and climbing Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Dreams of Revenge
Aug 20th 2019 at 12:17:50 PM

World History Museum — Doppio

When he heard the penalty the long-dead pharaoh wanted to mete out, Doppio let out a squeak of fear and ducked behind Reinhardt. What the...?! "N-no! You can't be serious!" he cried, cringing behind his far more solidly built counterpart.

Locking you up on radar since '09 Hand out the arms and ammo, We're gonna blast our way through here!
Stratofarius ive been here since 2011, jesus
ive been here since 2011, jesus
Aug 21st 2019 at 11:50:03 AM

Cheesecake Factory

"Mhm. Yes. Didn't work. We can all see that." The Doctor didn't even bother looking at Curtis' face. Instead, he just let his fork dangle inbetween his fingers, chewing on the last few pieces of his cheesecake. "Which is why you saw it as an attempt at getting under your skin, which must be... quite fragile, from the looks of it."

TheodoreHastings A terrible fate from Monkey Mountain Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
A terrible fate
Aug 21st 2019 at 5:01:21 PM

World History Museum: A Little Less Conversation

Successfully hogtied into the whip, the little alien was left to first watch one of the humans wave its phalanges at him ("No more smashing" sounded like a command, which earned Hirasaka a menacing growl), and then a spark of action (which earned a gleeful "Ooooooh!" as the not-so-dead human was thrown into the wall by Hammer Man), and then a long, long, looooooooooooooooooong pause from fighting.

"Blah blah blah!" cheered the alien's wrangler.

"Blah blah?! BLAH!" roared Hammer Man.

   "Blah, blah blah blah!"    demanded the not-so-dead human.

"Blah! Blah blah blah blah blah!" whimpered the man the not-so-dead human kept barking at.

"Blah." replied Stupidhead, threatening the whimpering man.

"Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..." hissed Flaily Limbs.

"Blah!" squeaked Pinky.

"BlahblahblahblahblahblahBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH!!!" cried everyone else.

Between the sand storm and the flash of light, the extent of the not-so-dead human's power seemed pretty pathetic. Its only talents lied in staying alive a really long time and talking everyone to death. Thanks, but no thanks; the little vandal had heard enough lectures for one day.

Time for an escape plan.

As the two humans binding him (Wrangler and Stupidhead) busied themselves with Whimpers, the alien studied the long tail wrapped around his feet and torso. At first, it was kept taught between the two humans, but then Wrangler unknowingly created some slack on his end of the tail.

The alien blinked. Was that all there was to it? Maybe his experience dealing with the United Galactic Federation's forces had raised his expectations too high, but...was that really all there was to it? Just tension and their weight overbalancing his own?

Please let there be better security measures on this planet. This mission would be too easy without them.

While the two captors/anchors were preoccupied, the alien slowly executed the first step in his plan: ensure a tiny bit more slack around his belly by retracting his quills and lower pair of arms. Fortunately for this part, the not-so-dead human was happy to steal everyone's attention. By the time Flaily Limbs sprung to put an end to the rambling, the alien shared the same number of limbs as most of EEARTH's land animals.

As the battle finally seemed to resume, the little vandal executed the second step in his plan: get rid of this stupid tail! Gently grabbing each length as close to his captors' grip as he dared, the alien gave the whip a great big tug! Whether Wrangler or Stupidhead let go of the restraint or threatened their balance (and a cartoonish BONK! of their heads) by holding tight was little concern; the sudden slack around the alien's belly made it easy to tuck up and out of the loop, hopefully freeing his feet in the process. If Wrangler thought that the vandal's lower set of arms would prevent such an easy escape, well...he was in for a rough lesson.

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"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
TailsDoll I have a plan.
I have a plan.
Aug 22nd 2019 at 9:10:31 AM

Outside Ironhouse District's Abandoned Warehouse #268 — Joseph & Jacob Seed

Jacob Seed had long abandoned the Ironhouse District in his getaway vehicle, off to an undisclosed hideout.

Joseph Seed?

Joseph Seed's route on foot took him through a shady back alley, back out onto another street...

...Into the hands of two ECPD detectives who were arriving towards the scene of the crime. The ECPD was already suspicious of Seed and his family, so he was detained then and there.

Aug 22nd 2019 at 6:51:41 PM

Hundiemon- Now Kind of Nice Streets

Seemed like once the Bug Gang realized how outclassed they were by the heroes that appeared, they gave up without much of a fight. Naturally, it was only at that time that the proper authorities caught up and started rounding up the degenerates. Not long after came the gawkers and onlookers to swarm the group of heroes to take pictures and pester.

Not one for a crowd, Hudiemon took off from the ground. She landed on a near-by streetlight and turned to look back at the van. Mercury Biotech was supposedly a legitimate large corporation, but it seemed a little weird that a gang of hooligans would target the van of just some pharmaceutical company. The digital creature decided to connect to a local wireless signal. Multiple visual screens popped up inside of her helmet as she ran a search on Mercury Biotech through certain less-than-well-known channels.

Uncandescent One Brunch Man Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
One Brunch Man
Aug 22nd 2019 at 10:17:18 PM

Washington State World History Museum

Whatever abilities Hirasaka might have honed over the course of his life to make up for what both fate and genetics had so cruelly taken away from him, there was one thing that he was just never going to be able to overcome: light didn’t make any noise.

So while King Huni postured, threatened, and eventually even made good on his promise to rob the sight of those around him, Hirasaka was left standing there, wondering exactly how the resurrected pharaoh was planning on going about this whole “eye-taking” thing, and wondering if maybe he could sub his eyes in to be taken instead of somebody else’s since he wasn’t really using them anyway. These thoughts gradually tapered off, though, as his new companion managed to wring a key piece of information out of their increasingly less-than-impressive host, even if neither of them was aware of it. While one hand kept a firm grip on the leathery handle of the borrowed whip, the other dived in his pocket to retrieve what might have seemed like a strange accessory for a blind man; but thanks to the advances in modern technology and the miracles of the app store, he didn’t need to do more than tap the central button on his smartphone twice before placing it up to his mouth in order to make up for both the clamor of the sandstorm swirling around them and the indignant crowd chattering within it. “Doctor Oliver Dansfort.” He said lowly, clearly, and firmly, before hearing the conformational beep that meant it had pulled up the name’s search results.

Before engaging the function on his phone that would read the information out loud, the self-proclaimed crusader of justice paused for a moment to consider how the undead ruler in front of them might not use the information with the best of intentions, followed by promptly risking a mouthful of sand to reach up and place the phone between his teeth. Raising the whip at his side somewhat overcompensatingly high while his now-free hand made another trip back into his pockets for his earbuds, he barely noticed the radical anatomic rearranging that was happening mere feet from his person once he slid one of the earbuds home, preoccupied with toggling the volume so that it wouldn’t blow either of his precious eardrums out. Hirasaka would then turn to Kiryu, a fresh smile spreading on his lips, before reaching a hand directly over the space where the creature was making its move in order to offer the other earbud to the man. “Luckily for us, the age of pharaohs and the age of threats have been done away with by the age of information, so you—”

Hirasaka was cut off, with a jerking, sharp cry, as his distracted grip was pitted against their captive’s supernatural strength; he didn’t stand a chance. His arm was yanked to the side from the force of the creature’s pull, followed by his tumbling out from underneath him, prompting a nasty fall that rebounded his shoulder off of the museum’s tile floor. The smartphone was hurled from his grasp, and the headphone jack snapped clean out of the port as the device continued skidding across the ground on its back. Just as the device came to a stop, the link Hirasaka had accidentally clicked on during the commotion would finish loading, causing the automatic reading feature to begin dictating the first search result on Doctor Oliver Dansfort out loud, for whoever might be listening in.

If I had that kind of power, I'd have dropped a meteor on your house ages ago~
Aug 24th 2019 at 1:48:27 PM

The Museum

The mummy lifted his hand up as the shockwave came, and a hand made of solid sand appeared. It buckled as the shockwave hit, but remained intact.

   Fool! You stand against a god! What can you hope to accomplish next to one such as I!?   

The croud was outright booing him now.


"That wasn't even original in your time!"

"I paid money for this?"

The mummy ignored the croud, and formed a giant fist made out of sand, which he swung, causing it to fly toward the assassin.

"Come on, kid, kick his ass!"

"You can do it!"

"Don't get hurt, Ms Hero!"

Meanwhile, Jones was sputtering, clearly freaked out by the man holding him.

"Wait, wait, wait, don't do anything rash, ok, I'll explain, I-"

Then he was cut off as the cell phone started loudly reading off of a Wikipedia entry.

"Doctor Oliver Dansford is a researcher and explorer in the employ of the US Government, best known for training the legendary explorer, Iowa Jones. Shortly after the discovery of the tomb of King Huni by his student, Doctor Dansford shocked the scientific world when he annonced his sudden retirement. Speculation on the cause has been rampant, but no one knows for sure what could have caused him to remove himself from the public spotlight so suddenly and completely."

Luckly Huni himself was occupied and could not hear the video, but the rest of them could hear it loud and clear.

I did a DMC fanfic thing
Aug 24th 2019 at 5:51:30 PM

The Cheesecake Factory

The morsel Nyaruko shoved into Sento's mouth was moist chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate chips embedded in the outer edge. Unless he was some kind of freak who hated chocolate, it was, in a word, delicious. For her part, the silver-haired woman was beaming ecstatically. The fork touched both my lips and his! An indirect kiss!

"See~? Great, isn't it, Sento? Now, let me try you- I mean, some of yours!" She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. "Aaaaaah~!♥"

The war of words between the nosy old man and the guy with the scar was amusing, but her beloved was just so much more interesting. It was a good thing those two were distracted with each other!

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